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  • Your Result: level 3

    You are a normally goofy person and get in trouble occasionally for GOOFING off, but you can take things seriously when it is time to chill out and shut up.
    Haha that is so true.

    that70sshowlova Jul 12 '09, 6:41PM
  • level 3. this was dumb.

    JosetteCullen Jul 12 '09, 4:51PM
  • level 4 WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! ORANGE JUICE TASTES PURPLE!!! LOL!!

    Carri04 Jul 11 '09, 9:34PM
  • me hpyer:)level 6!cats are actullay dogs with cat clothes on.zombies look lik pones.ill lu!(lick u)lololol

    megasence Jul 11 '09, 1:47PM
  • I only got level 2.

    coolgirl7839 Jun 25 '09, 7:26PM

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