How goofy are you?

Everybody has a level of Goofy. But what about you? What is your level? Do you know? Well, if you don't know, we can help! In this quiz, you can see how goofy you are!

So have fun and good luck! Just remember, not everybody gets a high score. Plus, you can always come back and try again. See you at the end of the quiz!

Created by: Cheetah Girl101
  1. Do you like collecting keys?
  2. Do you like collecting anything?
  3. You are walking around the school when a big hairy monster pops up out of nowhere. You:
  4. Give me a new kid in class but he won't talk to you. You:
  5. Your friend dislikes you, and you don't like it. You:
  6. Blue or white?
  7. Which is your favorite name?: Adeline or Madeline?
  8. Do you have siblings?
  9. Mom or dad?
  10. Bro or sis?

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Quiz topic: How goofy am I?