How Well Do You Know Jonathan?

Not too many people will get over a C on this quiz. Of course, if you're in some of my classes, you're almost guaranteed an A or a B, but hey, and hope you like it. Not everyone's a genius, remember.

Also, don't flip a coin, I want you to give me your best guess. Some of the questions are goofy, but it is kind of important to me that my friends know who I am. That is, until you read this quiz, because if you are regarding this message with any respect you will soon be sighing or crackin up. Good luck.

Created by: Jonathan
  1. What is Jonathan's favorite book?
  2. What is Jonathan's favorite Fire Emblem Character?
  3. What math level is Jonathan in?
  4. What is Jonathan's favorite subject in school?
  5. What is Jonathan's height?
  6. How many digits of Pi has Jonathan memorized?
  7. Which of the following could/would Jonathan do?
  8. Which server does Jonathan use for email?
  9. Which of the following is Jonathan's favorite?
  10. Which of the following does Jonathan NOT speak?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Jonathan?