How well do you know Jonathan Stroud?

Jonathan Stroud, author of many classics such as "The Bartimaeus Trilogy", has inspired us all with his fantastic fiction. His witty characters like all great books, reflect reality and reveal a little about each of us.

So, how much do you know about him? Enough you say? I think not! This is test is out of ten. You have exactly one hour. Good luck and try not to cheat too much|*cackles*

Created by: Lyn
  1. Jonathan Stroud lives:
  2. Jonathan Stroud:
  3. Which of these books was Jonathan Stroud NOT involved with?
  4. True or False: Jonathan Stroud plans to visit Australia in 2008.
  5. Jonathan Stroud is born in:
  6. Jonathan Stroud's publisher is:
  7. True or False: Jonathan's wife wants Andy Serkis (Golem, King Kong) to do Bartimaeus' (of the Bartimaeus Trilogy) voice for the movie.
  8. Jonathan likes: *The answer was on his site. I do not make these things up.
  9. Stroud went to:
  10. Jonathan's middle name is:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Jonathan Stroud?