What Kind Of Gift Giver Are You?

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You are sitting in your room and u just thought of the perfect gift for that special someone! Now some people would, put thought into it more, some would go right out and buy it, some would be independent and creative, and some would make it goofy and fun!

So do u wonder.. What kind of gift giver are u? Well thanks to this totally awesome quiz in a few short minutes, you'll find out what the presents u give say about your personality!

Created by: Aero87Girly
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  1. How Long Does it take u to decide what to get someone?!
  2. Do u ever help decorate the house for the holidays?
  3. You think holiday shopping is:
  4. How do u feel about gift cards?
  5. You are more likely to..
  6. Where do u get ideas for what gifts to buy?
  7. You could blow all your money at:
  8. The best part of the holidays is..
  9. When choosing the best wrapping paper u go for..
  10. LAST ? AND BE HONEST: DO u really take your time when it comes to holiday gift shopping?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Gift Giver am I?