How Well do you know The Prisoner?

In 1967, British television audiences were priveleged to witness a show that had never been seen before, and has never been equalled since. The Prisoner, rivalled only by perhaps The Avengers and Dr. Who in sheer goofy imagination, has confounded its fans for 40 years now.

Are you a fan? Just how nerdy of a fan are you? Find out if you've got what it takes to escape. The muzak has begun, and I do believe it's tea time.

Created by: Ryan
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  1. Who played the main character, The Prisoner?
  2. On what series did this person star before The Prisoner?
  3. In the opening scenes, our hero is seen driving a Lotus sports car. What is the liscence number?
  4. After awakening from his gassing and abduction, where does our hero awaken?
  5. What number is our hero assigned?
  6. Of all the "Information" his captors want from him, what is always their first and most persistant question?
  7. In the episode The Chimes Of Big Ben, what clues The Prisoner into the fact that he hasn't escaped the village at all?
  8. In the episode Dance of the Dead, there is a costumed ball. What does our hero's main captor dress as?
  9. What is the name of the local newspaper where our hero is being kept?
  10. In the opening sequence, and again in Many Happy Returns, what is the address of our hero's flat in Buckingham Place?
  11. Other than our hero, who is the only character to appear in every episode?
  12. What is the name of the surreal, bouncing white ball that captures would-be escapees?
  13. In A Change Of Mind, what is our hero threatened with if he does not conform and do as he's told?
  14. Living In Harmony was different from all other episodes in setting. Where was it set?
  15. In Once Upon A Time, our hero's main captor asks for permission to run a program called Degree Absolute. What does this entail?
  16. In Fallout, what song is sung by number 48 and the entire judging panel?
  17. What Beatles song is heard during The Prisoner's violent gun-battle of an escape?
  18. What Heavy Metal band has recorded two songs about this show?
  19. In what heist movie do the characters discuss The Prisoner on their way to a bar?
  20. Does the Prisoner truly escape?

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