What outfit would you wear?

Im bored so i made this quiz.. Im home sick from school... my moms playing this zen like music.. i have a milkshake.. i think itss strawberry..i just read a disturbing story.. i want to play sims..

.. i took out my peace sign earings.. flip-flops are cool.. im in the middle of Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban... I wanna go tO Yosemite really bad.. Yosemite falls is cool.. i was just laughing my head off at an inside joke..... bye..

Created by: Ellie
  1. Just so you know this quiz is mainly for girls cuz the outfits are girl outfits so if your a guy.. how do i put this.. LEAVE
  2. i hate labels.. but whats yourS?
  3. What colors ya like?
  4. WhAt dO YOU dO IN YOUr sPaRe TIMe??
  5. whats your opinion on outside?!?!?
  6. i have a milkshake!!
  7. what are you wearing right now? (or whats the closest thing)
  8. Are you one with the nature
  9. what are you doing right now person i do not know
  10. .... *cough* comment *cough* please *cough* PLEASE COMMENT PLEASE OH PLEASE COMMENT I BEG OF YOU PLEAAASSEE
  11. bye

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