Which Thunderbird are you?

The Thunderbirds have been round for ages, and you've probably been a fan since you could be trusted not to choke yourself with that funny band thingy they wear. But there's something you've probably always wondered: what one am I?

Which funny band thingy will you wear? Blue? Yellow? White? Orange? Purple? You could wear any of them. But you can only wear one. Which one, you ask? Take the quiz and find out!

Created by: Logan Webber of Railway Series Fans
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  1. What are you most like?
  2. In sticky spots, you would:
  3. You are in charge of a big operation. You:
  4. Someone asks you to clean the bathroom . . .
  5. An eclipse in going to occur tonight . . .
  6. You paint/draw a picture . . .
  7. You are best at . . .
  8. When it comes to swimming you . . .
  9. There's a brand-spanking new space hotel in orbit . . .
  10. What do you think of Thunderbirds?
  11. Will you join my Yu-gi-oh! forum at http://www.volccontroller.proboards74.com?

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Quiz topic: Which Thunderbird am I?