Are You a Southerner?

Some folks thinks they know stuff about the South and us folks that live down here but we ain't a bunch of toothless people who all talk like Gomer Pyle or Goober. A real Southern genius knows the right answers, fer sure!

Are YOU a genius from the South? Do you know the difference between Thunderbird and MD 20/20? Thanks to this great quix, now you can find out just how Southern you am.

Created by: Ed
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  1. Can you drive in snow?
  2. Do you know what real pizza tastes like?
  3. Have you ever had ravioli that does NOT come in a can?
  4. Do you know what turn signals on your vehicle are for?
  5. Is your potato salad YELLOW?
  6. Do you have a relative that you refer to as "Memaw"?
  7. Do you call your father "Daddy" and your mother "Mama"?
  8. What is your favorite gourmet restaurant?
  9. Have you ever kissed someone who had chewing tobacco or dip in his/her mouth?
  10. Do you clean your ears with a car key?
  11. Do you watch and/or attend NASCAR races?
  12. Have you ever eaten a Moon Pie?
  13. Have you ever gutted an animal on your kitchen table?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Southerner?