what thunderbird character are you?

hi my name is Matthew I'm 10 years old and I made this quiz because I like thunderbirds are go. I have made a another thunderbirds are go quiz at [no urls]

please tell me if you make a quiz and I will do them too. I have really enjoyed making this quiz and like doing other ones on this website. I hope you have enjoyed my quiz!

Created by: matthew

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  1. how old is Scott Tracy
  2. how old is Virgil Tracy?
  3. how old is Alan Tracy?
  4. how old is Gordon Tracy?
  5. how old is John Tracy?
  6. what thunderbird does Scott Tracy pilot?
  7. what thunderbird does Virgil Tracy pilot?
  8. what thunderbird does Alan Tracy pilot?
  9. what thunderbird does Gordon Tracy pilot?
  10. what thunderbird does John Tracy pilot?

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Quiz topic: What thunderbird character am I?