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  • Your Result: Crow wings 91%

    resultYou would have very large, black wings with rounded feathers. Crow wings are very strong, and are perfect for balance and tight maneuvers. These wings can fly 30 to 60 miles an hour, and can reach speeds of seventy miles per hour when diving. Crow wings are also good camouflage, because their dark color can easily be hidden in the night. With these wings, you would also have improved problem solving skills and increased memory, because of the high intelligence of the crow.

    That's cool.

  • I WISH I had these...
    Your Result: Demon wings

    You would have very large bat-like wings that would be pure black in color. Demon wings are extremely strong, and cannot be injured. They are very fast wings, and are best at flying quickly over short distances. If demon wings are ever touched by someone who is good or pure, they may become stained white, but they will not become damaged. With these wings, you will also have the power of dark magic, and the ability to raise spirits from the dead.

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