What kind of cop are you

If your not a police officer then this maybe what kind of officer you would be. There is a saying in police work. No body likes a good cop and every loves a lazy cop. The lazy cop want give a ticket and want arrest you. Mybe you will see the world through an entirely different point of view.

This quiz is to inform you of how you would be precived on the streets and by your fellow officers. I will tell you if you are a good, lazy, or bad officer. Just remember you have to be one and it takes all kinds.

Created by: chris golden
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  1. If your cop buddy takes a coke from the local store with out paying for it would you.
  2. You pull over the Mayor Son for speeding what do you do.
  3. You find a bag of Marijuana.
  4. You find a bag with $5000 inside it while on duty.
  5. One of the cops in your dept. is in a fight you arrive on scene. You really don't like the cop.
  6. You have to 20 report on your shift and you here that there is a Domestic in progress.
  7. You are on your way home and you see a cop in a fight on the side of the road.
  8. Your boss tells you to go arrest a friend of yours because he has warrants.
  9. A fellow cop has been accused of using excessive force but you can help him because you saw what happen while you where off duty. The chief is happy because he don't like the guy and this is a good reason to fire him.
  10. You find a store that has been broken into.

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