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  • Eagle. But "true" siblings? i have 2 half brothers.

    LokiCat Jun 6 '16, 6:39PM
  • 72% Ghost Bird. 36% Chickadee.

    rhimicha Jan 31 '15, 12:58PM
  • Btw I got higher than 60 on the other one. Take my quiz plz it is what is your bird type.

    moonchild456 Dec 8 '14, 1:15AM
  • I got ghost!!!! 0% loon ;-)

    moonchild456 Dec 2 '14, 11:49PM
  • I'm a ghost bird (ivory billed woodpecker I looked it up it GORGEOUS) describes me pretty well

    Howlermoon Jul 20 '14, 4:33AM
  • I'm a chickadee.

    BaconCat Feb 18 '14, 8:02PM
  • I got Ghost Bird with Loon as runner up !!!

    OJshion708 Mar 28 '13, 3:12PM
  • Ooh, I'm a chickadee. That does fit me pretty well.

    Kepler Aug 18 '12, 11:00AM
  • Thank you.

    Chickadees are the easiest people to get along with, but can be somewhat sensitive. They are cheerful and playful, and active. Chickadees are looked up to by even the biggest of birds.

    i think so to.
    i totally love birds, not like, "ohh, look at that pretty lil' sparrow." But, like, so love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: are there still Ivory billed wood peckers around?

    ladygagagurl4ev May 14 '12, 9:10PM
  • I got Chickadee! ^-^
    Good quiz!

    BTRfreak Dec 28 '11, 2:57AM
  • Eagle...i am the leader of my friends, but we aren't that popular...

    Icepaw Aug 18 '11, 1:35AM
  • Eagle. I'm a leader. Sounds like me. And eagles are way better then loons!!!

    shadowlove Jan 14 '11, 6:17AM
  • The leader of my group? Yeah, that'd work out well...

    Selena112 Jan 13 '11, 8:10PM
  • Your Result: Ghost bird
    You are a ghost bird! (ivory-billed woodpecker.) Your type is rare, and majestic and beautiful. You are sometimes shy and don't talk a lot, but are one of the easiest birds to get along with. P.S. AND THE SMARTEST!!!

    Ellis Redding Jan 13 '11, 5:33PM

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