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  • Purple, my fave color. Cool. There's this one kid at my school whose name is Isaiah and he thinks i'm sooooo annoying like once me and my friends were playing football with a water bottle and then i asked Isaiah if he wanted to play and he yelled right in my face "NOOOOO!!!!!!!" i was like "wow anger issues" then i left. AWESOME QUIZ.!!!!!! (that had nothing to do with it at all)

  • Your Result: Blue

    You Are Full Of Sadness And Depression . People Can Easily Offend You And Put You Down . You Sometimes Feel Left Out Or Misunderstood By Many Many People . On The Other Hand , You Have A Few Great Friends That You Know You Can Depend On No Matter What .

    Yep, that sounds like me.

    elf maiden
  • Purple, I love purple :)

  • Blue, accurate

  • I couldn't answer eye color. Mine are pale gray.


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