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  • Wow, Exactly right. I am from the south and I realize my heavy southern accent so I know others can. I currently live far east but I am not ashamed though. I love my uniqueness here.

  • I have a Minnesota accent though I grew up in the deep South? Hm. All Americans sound alike, with the exception of the thick Southern accents which are easy to distinguish from the rest.

  • this quiz got my accent perfectly!! i'm proud of my Minnesota accent! They are right about people mistaking me for a Canadian, but they also mistake me as being from Wisconsin! People! Jeeze? don't you know a Minnesotan accent when u hear one? :-P lol

  • Nailed it! The quiz predicted I was from the Northeast, specifically north Jersey, New York, Connecticut or Rhode Island, but not New York City. I grew up in North Jersey.

  • Ok umm I'm not such an accent expert.. I got north central accent. That is TOTALLY not accurate! I sound nothing like that, although it's a great quiz. Not so accurate, but amazing.

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  • I live in the midwestand this said that I have an "Inland North" accent which may actually be true because people here say I have some weird accent going on, like I'm British (which so isn't true, by the way) I've never been there... but I guess maybe I do???

  • I got told I've got a Philadelphia accent, but I'm from New Hampshire. I have a friend who lives in Philadelphia, and she's definitely got a different accent than me. Weird.

  • Boom, headshot! Few questions, but great answers. I caught the question and answered honestly. Took me 20 years before I knew I had an accent, but the test pinned me right to Chicago with a 93 percentile.

  • Clearly this quiz does not take into consideration the degree of English education one has received during their lifetime. I definitely do not have a northeastern accent. Wrong!

  • It was a miss for me. Born and raised in Texas by women that qualify for the DTR and it says I'm from Philadelphia. I've never even ventured further north than Kansas!

  • I was birn and raised in New Jersy but both of my parents were born and raised in South Carolina . So I may do have a southern accent. I have been told that numerous of times. So I would say that this test is accurate

  • Ha! Ha! I was born and raised in Arkansas/Texas but have lived in Michigan, Germany, and for the past 40 years--California. People here say I sound like East Texas; people in Arkansas say I sound like a "Yankee."

  • I saw "AUNT" instead of ANT but they didn't ask me that. Raised in New England but lived in California for three decades now I am a mish-mosh and it changes when I go home to Vermont.

  • Very good determination! I was brought up on Long Island (Metro NY) but my father's family is from the Lancaster area of PA and my mother's family is from Niagara Falls, NY (close to the Midwest)

  • Having been born, raised and lived in the Philadelphia area, I don't know how this quiz pegs me as Inland North! I've never called a soda "pop" in my entire life!

  • Your Result: North Central 100%

    The results said I may often be mistaken for a Canadian!!! I took this quiz for fun, even tho I was born in Canada and have never left, so for me the quiz was 100 % right!!

  • That was amazing! It said Northern Midland, probably Chicago, and I am from Chicago originally. I've lived in NY and CT for the past 55 yrs. I thought it would have changed over that time.

  • To doogins2876 Would imagine you must be from SE Wisconsin - up here in west central WI we drink pop, not soda. Also imagine you get your water from a bubbler, not a drinking fountain?!!

  • I object to question #8; the answer that applies to me isn't there.

    "Mary" and "marry" sound the same, while "merry" is different; the quiz only has "merry" and "Mary" sounding the same.

  • PurpleButterfly,

    I am born and raised california, parents californians, grandparents, oklahoma and my heritage is irish scottish and welsh, no where else. Not sure how you came to your accuracy. Although i can pull up a brough or southern quite well without trying.

  • One of the questions didn't have an answer that was correct for me. The one with "Mary", "merry", and "marry" gives the option for all 3 the same, all 3 different, or the first 2 the same, but I would pronounce #1 and #3 the same, and not #2.

  • According to the quiz I am 100% from Philadelphia, 88% from the northeast. Well, I am 100% from NYC. But my mother was from Philsdelphia, if that makes any difference. Maybe you should ask where parents are from?

  • The quiz was right on. It said I was from Philadelphia 100% and I was brought up on the Jersey Shore about 50 miles from Philadelphia. My mother was born in Philadelphia and lived there as a child.


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