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  • It's got me pegged to within a few miles of where I grew up. Northeast says Northern Jersey first, and I spent 36 years living in Central Jersey! I've since moved to MA and te local accent is driving me insane! Where else do they say "Aunt" to not rhyme with "Ant"? I swear I'm going to shoot the next person that dares to "correct" me.

  • Result : NORTHEAST

    "Judging by how you talk you are probably from north Jersey, New York City, Connecticut or Rhode Island. Chances are, if you are from New York City (and not those other places) people would probably be able to tell if they actually heard you speak."

    They be able to tell that I'm from (South-East) England!

  • Wow, I guess I have lost my accent.... I was born and raised in South Georgia but moved away when I was in early 20's. Lived in Florida, upstate NY, South Carolina, Virginia and Alabama. My quiz results say I talk like a Yankee....Lord have mercy!

  • This quiz pegged me dead wrong.

    The very lowest percentage = where I actually grew up, and the closest to how I actually speak.

    It said I'm from "The Midland", and the listed locations aren't close to anywhere I've ever lived - which would be Alaska, upstate NY, and silicon valley in CA.

  • You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop." 80% Inland North for me, and I AM from Wisconsin, and I do get asked all the time if I am from Chicago.

    Nora B
  • This says I am from the Island North. I was born and raised in upstate NY (the Adirondacks, NOT Westchester County as lots of NYC people consider upstate). My grandmother (who influenced most of my speech) came from the Finger Lakes Region so I guess the test is pretty accurate.

  • I was diagnosed as being from the midwest....no I have never been to the midwest in my life. I am NY born and raised. I was born to newly arrived emigrants and English was not my first language.I do remember that my first teacher was from the midwest with bright red hair.Maybe the combination made me the English speaker I am today.

  • It pegged me at 100% Philadelphia or close environs, which is 100% accurate as far as birth and family origins is concerned. However, I have spent the rest of my life in Michigan, South Florida, North Florida, Southern Georgia, and West Virginia. Let's hear it for sticking to your roots!

  • Wrong location, right about no accent. I grew up in North Carolina, at least until I was 12. Was raised by my mother from Northern New York, then moved to Northern NY, then Central NY. Not all of North east / New York people have accents. There is a whole other culture above NYC. I am sure there are many more states without accents not listed here.

  • Hi, well I am from Pakistan, but my upbringing has been in an environment luckily, with learned parents.Throughout medium of education English.

    However, since childhood I was fond of listening to Voice of America & BBC. So either British or American accent is no problem for me.

  • I was born and raised in Wisconsin, but left there in 1959. I have lived the the state of Washington ever since. The quiz says I'm least likely to live in the West.In Wisconsin, soda water was the normal way to ask for a soda. I never used the word pop for soda until moved out West. I don't think you quiz is very accurate. Most people know that people from the Midwest, like Wisconsin, don't have accents.

    roger borth
  • It would be interesting to know the scientific basis of the quiz. My quiz result was "Northeast", yet my accent was certified some years ago, by 5 speech science PhD's, as "General American" in a research project with thousands of subjects, and my voice was then used as the exemplar voice for the project.

  • Although I usually chuckle when I say, "I'm from the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, where we speak PURE American english with no accent" -- I usually actually mean it! Many ad agencies will tell you that they look for voice talent from WY, CO and MT because of the relative lack of accent. So the quiz was correct -- Western!!

  • Hi, love your AM program. My husband was from SE Kentucky and over 42 years I got an education on pronunciation. I guess the best was the word "haint", which was how he said "haunt", i.e. "Boy, that sure is spooky, it must be a hainted house." The word bologna was pronounced "bolongee" and the word "character" was "ki rack ter"......he passed away in January, but life was good and filled with plenty of laughs.

  • I am from Southwestern Pa and I know I have a slight nasal accent, I also can tell others with this accent which is fairly common for Southwest Pa, West Va., Southeast Ohio. We have a tendency to sound Whale, Well alike, mile and Mow how and Howell-- L words are brutal.

    the good guy
  • I was born in N.Y, but have spent most of my life in PA. Your comments say I have a NY or Connecticut accent. My daughter, who lives in NY, assures me I have a Philadelphia accent. Other people think I have a Pittsburgh accent, although I have never been there.

    I think I have a Northeastern accent, with a few Philadelphia pronunciations thrown in (cheer-chair sounds the same).

  • Good quiz. I've always suspected I have a middle class Northeast accent. This accent does pop into parts of central Massachusetts, where a number of my relatives live now. The one question that was hard to answer was how I pronounce Mary, marry, and merry. I pronounce Mary like marry, but I always get an e sound in merry.

  • West

    Your accent is the lowest common denominator of American speech. Unless you're a SoCal surfer, no one thinks you have an accent. And really, you may not even be from the West at all, you could easily be from Florida or one of those big Southern cities like Dallas or Atlanta.

  • My name is Paula and I was born and raised in Minnesota and Wisconsin. My Army husband got stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. That's where I first learned I had an accent. A young North Carolina boy would just stare at me when I spoke. Finally I asked him why and he said, "Oh Powla! You tawk so purrrty!"

  • You got me all wrong! I was born and raised in Middle Georgia and at 84 I'm still being accused of having a "Southern Drawl. Many times when I meet a stranger they say "what part of the south are you from?" That happened to me less than two weeks ago and the person asked if I was from Texas or Alabama.

  • This was fun! You got my accent "right on". I was born and spent my first 35 years in Pennsylvania. Last 35 years in Raleigh,NC. My relatives up North think I have a Southern accent---Friends in NC think I sound very Yankee!! Some folks spot the accent immediately and say "you're from Pennsylvania, aren't you?" Go Figure! Love ya'll!

  • Says a midland accent which means its good for tv thats great I've always wanted to be an actress and that works. All the people saying its wrong try really listening to the way you say it anyways where you live doesn't make your accent it's also genetics and just what you get used to it so be nice to the maker of this quiz whether yhuu think they are wrong or not.

  • I grew up in the Deep South, and my "on" pronunciation rhymes with "moan" and "bone" and "stone." It does not rhyme with "dawn." Since no other option was given, I picked "dawn." Does anyone else pronounce "on" the way I do? Obviously, this test was not meant to be that comprehensive, but it was still fun to take.


    Southern Pride
  • Midland accent? Dude. O_O I live in Louisiana, and have lived here my whole life. Seriously, I know how we speak, and, quite frankly, it is NOT midland. I know we have an accent, so I find it very strange how I got...midland. Lol, I think my ELA teacher is trying to get us to speak that way. For instance, you wouldn't say,"Who the heck made this quiz!?" You would have to say,"Whom the heck made this quiz!?" and also, apparently, you have to say,"The next speaker is 'she'" instead of saying 'her'. It's confusing DX But, I really don't care |D

    Zetsu Girl 13
  • Workk123 is a 40 year old online because he is insecure about himself, and is putting on false answers to boost his confidence.

    Also, check out "How old will you live until", and "What is your future job" This one is number 16, and lists bands as an opening. Do them both completely and leave a comment!

    The guy is wierd, but a genius


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