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  • don't be to fast to trust but don't be to slow either

  • treat no one badly because they have a life too, dont stereotype people because in the end we're still all human. Stereotypes just separate mankind like we do with ALIENS. And most of all, have a care. Do what you feel like and dont suffer if you dont wanna. Have fun too :D

  • dont stereotype people love them for who they are people allways thought i was emo but im not! i do wear lot of black but not everyday and i am verry shy people can be crul dont ever chang your self to please someone belive i know iv tyrd cus you cant please every one so why try just be you and love others who are they are even when difrent from you all so find your secrit to life make your own pupose for you on this world something that makes you happy ;3

  • -Never quit your job.

    -Find the job that you want and will give you a good salary.

    -Be you.
    -Be happy.

    -If you want a social life AND you want good grades, study one bit, then get out and party after!

    -Never give up or people will kick your @$$ even more.

    -Believe in yourself.
    -42. (reference from google calculator)

  • be yourself and dont even try and change who you are! you are are unique and special so why would you want to change yourself?

  • Live your life how you want. Not how others want.

  • life isn't waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain

  • YOLO

    Dont be shy!!!!! take risks have as much fun as possible dont just sit around and watch tv!!!! you will regret it!!!!

  • Learn to laugh at yourself. Even if you're not laughing.

    Sage Parson
  • My secret to life is (drum roll please):

    Have fun! What's the point of living if you're miserable all the time?

  • As Zartosht(God of goodness of Persia) said: Life is understanding this sentense, sometimes you get less sometimes you get a lot.

    I think life is not just joy because it's really stupid to accept living would be over by death and for sure there are so many things after death.

  • Let insults bounce off you! My relationship with my BFF is, I make her laugh. That's almost it! And I don't care if people make fun of me, 'cause, then everybody laughs! And that's good, right? So, if you don'rtt like people laughing at you, then laugh with them. They wont have as much fun. And they will stop...

  • Don't Ever Give Up! Even when things seem impossible. Theres always a way!

  • Life is Life,accept it and learn from it,there are no secrets on how to handle it

  • Well... I'm kind of a loner and usually am plotting instead of affecting my life much, but I'll give tips I picked up on while observing. First off, I know this has been posted a lot, but be yourself. Don't care what others think. They're only trying to get a reaction out of you. Next, try to keep a positive attitude on everything but still be well prepared. Thirdly, amuse the grammar nazies (sp?) online (like me) and type properly. Finally, have friends. They'll keep you up and you won't be nearly as afraid/bothered by crowds. Learn from my mistake. Please. Friends really would help you.

    teilwaL L
  • There is no secret to life. You live your life, stuff happens, then you die. You can choose to make something of your life, but that's not really a secret. So basically, you can sort of controll what happens to you, but that's about it. Sorry if I sound pessimistic, but that's just how I see it.

  • Well, I'm not very old, but I HAVE had my share of problems, so...

    My secret to life? Whatever happens, happens. If something bad comes about, it did. So there's no reason to be mad or sad about it, because that won't change the situation at all. The only way to do that is to acually attempt to change what's going on in the present.

    Which brings me to number two; Being a doormat is not fun, nor is particularly helpful. But if you're just that type of person... at least grow spikes! XD

    The Popolisk
  • Balance
    A little bit of everything

  • The secret to life is...

    To have the right ammount of give and take. For EVERYTHING.

  • You know you found the right guy when you can't sleep at night,(your dreams are better than reality) :)

  • my secret to life is yew cant brake someone who is already broken so don't let anything hurt yew some ppl aren't worth it and some ppl are :)

    rouge luvs ya
    Always have hope.

    I get bullied soo bad that nothing will stop the bullys; But i never give up on hope. Okay? Those r my main rules that I live by everyday. I hope u do too.

  • Stop thinking about trying to be yourself and just BE! You become who you are by living, not thinking about who you are. Focus your energy on others and not yourself.

  • there is only one secrt to a truely happy life. It is the simplest thing and with it you will live life to the fullest. You have to believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of the living God and that he died an horrifying death on a cross because He loves you and He wants a relationship with you. If you would like to make even a mean comment about this email me at [no emails]. Please email me!

  • If u live forever what is there to live for
    I'm pie
    PIE backwards is part of Pi 3.14

    crazy x2

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