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  • bored!
    "@anri-ball drop? it's already jan 1st where I am and your lucky I don't think my contry even had one of those"
  • bored!
    "@I don't acctualy know I've already forgoten what was going through my head when I said/wrote that"
  • bored!
    "@anri thats a good point you have there it most likely is is five o'clock somewhere but that fact doesn't make it anyless three am where I a..."
  • bored!
    "@anri same, nothing to do it's pretty late where I am. @MrsHoran very well I will take your word on that,but if I ever find that you "
  • bored!
    "as do I and all other pie eaters"
  • bored!
    "*waves back with left foot cause I have no arms* whats up!"
  • bored!
    "I think we are on a role here lets try and make post on this thread have an 0_o in it"
  • bored!
    "Well 0_o to you too and hello aswell I quess thats a bit more normal a responce"
  • bored!
    "Random chubaka eating jellyfish while whatching anime."
  • My Page
    ""other peeps" where?,(punches self in face) -iner asswhole- "their talken about you damn ass""
  • My Page
  • "sports 19 Yeah I get that now, I spoke(typed)before looking at the situation properly,sorry about that rockstar98 I hope you do not "go craw..."
  • "Yeah I quess your right nuna,I just get pissed when I see dudes being so vulgar when theres no need."
  • "rockstar98 please go crawl in a hole and die,your annoying,that goes for all you other scum bags who wana screw everything that moves too,al..."

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