I have an idea

Hey people of go to quiz! Ok I have an idea! Read on and let me know if you like it. Lol I know ppl never read these paragraphs. So what are you waiting for! Read ahead!

It involes an idea for a new gtq feature that I came up with! Who knows with your help it could be a new gtq feature! Hope you like it! -miss carrot

Created by: Miss carrot
  1. Hey gtq friends!
  2. Ok so I have an idea!
  3. Ok I have only been on gtq for a few months and everyone here seems so nice and loving
  4. So I've been thinking what if....
  5. We had friend lists on gtq?!?
  6. Because we are a family on gtq so y not be able to friend each other?
  7. If you like the idea comment and try to tell the ppl who work here!
  8. Lol srry I need 12 questions
  9. So how you been?
  10. Ignore this question
  11. K bye!
  12. Click th result button

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