Remembering MJ.

Today, June 25th 2012, is the anniversary of the great Michael Jacksons death. To remember him, a quiz had a great idea so I'm spreading that great idea!

Will you spread this idea around? Will you do this idea? Please do this so we can remember the great Michael Jackson. Thank you so much in advanced. Hope you like the idea.

Created by: Carrotop
  1. Okay so today is the 3rd anniversary of MJ's death.
  2. So, this other quiz had a great idea.
  3. The idea was that everyne wear a single glove on their hand.
  4. Will you do it? I will.
  5. Remember this wasn't my idea.
  6. It was another quizzes idea.
  7. Just spreading the word. Will you spread this idea?
  8. Rate?
  9. Comment?
  10. Spread the word! Bye.

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