MDSC1000: Pathology

Pathology contributes to a major part of the Fundamentals in Disease & Treatment exam coming up in December. Here is a little test to see how well you have been studying

Are you a genius? Are you capable of retaining and remembering what you learnt in class? Well find out and see how well you are doing in this course especially Pathology

Created by: silverjovan of Do No Harm
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  1. Which of the following is not a malignant neoplasia (cancer)
  2. Growth of normal tissue in abnormal areas or locations is:
  3. Benign neoplasm that is usually found within the Glands & Epithelium of the body is:
  4. Which of the following is not a mechanism of Necrosis
  5. Tuberculosis is a type of
  6. Karyolysis is the
  7. Cranial ischemia which is lack of blood supply to the brain produces
  8. True or False: Cranial cells or brain cells can undergo hyperplasia
  9. What is true of Oedema formation
  10. True or False : Exudate is inflammatory extravascular fluid rich in proteins and cellular debris, having a high specific gravity less than 1020
  11. Which is not an action of neutrophils
  12. True or False: Type 1 Diabetes is a result of T-cells auto-immune attack causing loss of insulin-producing beta cells
  13. A collection of pus in a cavity is
  14. This immunoglobulin is fouund in mucosal areas such as gut, respiratory tract and urogenital tract
  15. Early stage elimination of pathogens is done by:
  16. The only immunoglobulin that is able to penetrate the placenta circulation
  17. Natural innate immunity consists of: I. Polymorphs & Macrophages, II. Lysozomes, III. Mucus & cilia, IV. Skin and T lymphocytes
  18. Which results in activation of C1 in the Classic pathway of the Complement System
  19. The Classic pathway C5 convertase is
  20. True or False: Factor I cleaves to Factor B releasing the active proteolytic Bb and release Ba resulting in the formation of C3bBb - alternative pathway C3 convertase

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