Learning is all about being curious about the world around you and remembering some facts and how it relates to other things and also to you. Life would be dull if you did not learn something new every day. Learning is an adventure!

Do you want to learn to be able to learn a bit more than what you already know? This quiz might help you to do just that - so use the first score as a starting point and just see if you can learn something new every time you try!

Created by: elen

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  1. What animal is Rudolf who helps pull Santa's sleigh?
  2. This story is mixed up- tell it in the right order: a)Mary makes the Cake in the oven b)Mary buys the ingredients for the cake c)Mary blows out the candles on the cake.
  3. If a square has 4 sides; a triangle has 3 sides; and a diamond has 4 sides; how many sides does a circle have?
  4. In a hen house one hen lay 4 eggs. Another hen lay 5 eggs. Then the fox stole and ate 2 eggs. How many eggs are left for the farmer to pick?
  5. What does not belong in this group? a)banana b)orange c)yarn d)grapes
  6. What number comes after 18? a)ninety b)eighteen c)nineteen d)twenty
  7. What type of clothing would you wear outdoors in the winter? a) hat and scarf b)flip flops c)bikini d)straw hat
  8. What is safe to eat? a)soap b)poison c)soup d)chalk
  9. Some animals in the zoo are doing a Conga line (hands on shoulders in line): Matt the monkey, Pete the parrot, Gaga the Gorilla, Cara the Canary and? a)Zeta de Zebra b)Olga the Orangutan c)Leo the Lion d)Flo the Flamingo
  10. What thing do you put on last when you dress in the morning? a) pants b) underwear c) belt d)pyjamas

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