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This is Aria, a Gotoquizer from 'back in the old days.' I'm obsessed with this site and no matter how much I feel like giving up,I can't. Because it means too much to me :)

I'm learning to make new mistakes everyday, the ropes of life, how to smile through the tears, how to say 'I'm fine' when I'm really not. I'm learning too much things and clearly lying to myself by saying I can restore this place to its former beauty but I'm going to try and that's important. If you can stand by my side, that'd be nice.

Created by: Aria

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  1. Good evening, afternoon, morning, day to each and every one of you. Today is just another day for us, for some it's a birthday, a funeral, a death, a party, an anniversary, some celebration or some mourning. It's just a day we have to pass and leave, just like what we are beginning to do with this site. Know what I mean? I'm sure you don't, so just continue to read. I'm Aria by the way, some of you know me, most of you don't. I've been a Gotoquizer since March 3rd, 2010 but only made an account on November 1st, 2011. I fight against hate, bullying and stereotypes. I am a Potterhead but there's no need for you to know these things. Just continue reading.
  2. We had a Gotoquiz family. It consisted of the most amazing people here. To name a few: Puffball, HogwartsLove, natuhleegayle, TheRecklessBam, xxblutixx, WTF_NINJA,Allycat, Calypso1315, mcqueen and many more. We stood together, always by each other's sides. We were considered one. If you messed with one of us, you messed with all and messing with us would've been such a bad thing to do because the love of family we share was stronger than anything anyone had seen. But, I don't know what's happened to us. Everyone has moved on, and I feel like I'm still here, holding on to something that doesn't exist, holding on to something that's lost and would never come back, holding on to something I thought, would last FOREVER.
  3. Gotoquiz used to be a place where writers could express themselves, a place where writing was such a beautiful thing to do. Let's take HogwartsLove, for example. I used to camp out on the bed with my laptop, sour skittles, a bottle of water, and popcorn waiting for her next quiz. It was a beautiful thing...
  4. But we've lost it and I don't like losing things. We lost something so dear, at least I think I lost it. I mean, I barely come on here, I rarely speak to anyone except TheRecklessBam and everytime I read MissyPrissyCat's and natuhleegayle's quizzes, I end up crying because I miss them so much. Where has it all gone to? Why did we lose it? Gotoquiz WAS my home. Why did it change? Why did I change? I can't seem to understand any of this and I need help. I miss Gotoquiz, I really do. I wish I can restore it, or at least have a family reunion. I remember, last year, early in the year, I would be so excited to see who updated but now, no one's really updating except Dannica and xxblutixx. I don't mean to sound rude to any of you newbies, or recently added members of Gotoquiz but I just miss the 'old times.'
  5. Do any of you remember when I would tell you guys everything? Like Gotoquiz would be my online diary? I remember those times. It used to help me. I also remember when I was outspoken. But now, I hardly ever talk, even in school. People take control of me now. I'm not the same Aria as I was before. I don't control hate very well anymore. I'm rather harsh about it. I've started being a b!tch and I don't like it at all. I miss the old times when I wasn't like that. :/
  6. Okay so, to give you guys an update, I'm on Quotev and Kik more. If you want, you can add me on Kik. My kik is AriaAdorable and my Quotev profile, is the link where it says Quizzaz/Quotev. Follow me, comment on my Recent Activity, leave me a comment saying who you are, anything. Just please, let us not lose what was once ours.
  7. Here's a quick sneak peek of one of my stories on Quotev. ~Click clock, click clock. The sound of the rollers on the suitcase rolling on the ground as I walked with it behind me drained out all other sounds behind me. I looked at the airport as I walked; I'll never see this for a very long time. I remember when I was smaller, and any of my family would come to visit, I would always wait with my mum by the orange coloured iron rails, chewing bubble wrap. Someone shook me, "Shala!" I snapped out of my trance and asked Maria, "What kiddo?" She laughed, "Don't call me that. But hey, finally I get to meet Nick, Mouse who's real name is Steve, Kyle, Linda, Tess, Ingrid and all these amazing people from Holmes Chapel that you always talk about. Was it twice last year you met them?"~
  8. So comment and tell me what do you think. As some of you probably know already, I have a revised edition of 'A Simple Hogwarts Story' written and four parts are posted already. If you WANT, you can check it out and prepare to see more quizzes from me more often because I've just realised something. I just said it to myself, "Aria aint going nowhere. She's going to try and restore this place to its former beauty and no hater is going to stop her. 'Nough said." :D
  9. So I've been working on Noitect is Activated's Sequel and I think I'm going to name it something like 'Moments Lost,' 'Past is Gone,' 'Moving Forward.' If you have any suggestions as to what to name it, please tell me (:
  10. Okay so I hope you all are very well, I miss you all. Jump to the sky! x

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