To my best friend Aria.

This is to Aria, many people know her and I'm not sure if some of you know or not, but Aria got into an accident and is injured. I'm not able to talk to...

.. her so I'm making this quiz for her. I spoke to her mom, and she knows about this. She's the one who informed me about this and is telling me about whats going on. So thanks for taking this.

Created by: TheRecklessBam
  1. First of all this is to Aria. I had to idea what happened until today. My internet has been down and I logged in to check email and I received the worst news of my life: That Aria swallowed two pins and is in the hospital.
  2. I really don't know what happened, but it was bad enough to make her go to the hospital. I can barely process this myself right now, but I can't talk to her and let her know how important she is to me, and to everyone else who has the honor of knowing her.
  3. I wish more then anything that I could talk to her and tell her everything, but I can't. So I'm telling you guys.
  4. I met Aria a few months ago when she started commenting on m first series 'The Life Between magic & Boys' and surely after a few quizzes she began commenting paragraphs and it was amazing. I started replying as soon after we started emailing each other. It was the beginning of the best friendship I have ever had.
  5. I got to know her and wow, she has the best personality ever. We had so much in common, yet so much difference but that brought us closer. I mean she is so amazing I can't even explain it. I'm shook by the news but I have to be strong, for Aria.
  6. Aria is also very nice. Not nice I mean she is, but she's so nice I can't even explain it. If you know her, you'll understand what I mean. She's been there for EVERYBODY, she's done things for EVERYBODY. and she's just the sweetest girl I have ever met. She is one of a kind, in a good way. I'm so honored to be her friend, and we've became so close, we call each other sisters.
  7. I went on my email and spoke to her mom. I don't want to believe any of this because it's so much for me. I can't handle it a lot, but her mom said the doctors told her that it's pretty bad because she had lost a lot of blood and her blood is rare, so she might not uh- survive. I'm heart broken. Losing your best friend is hard. And so many people love Aria. It's hard on everyone, not just me. I hope we can all just send our wishes that she'll be better.
  8. I know Aria admired many people, but she doesn't know how much we admire her back. Words can't explain how much I look up to her, and she's younger then me. She's so smart, and amazing, and I-I can't explain it. I wish more then anything that I could see her, so I could let her know that I'm there for her, and that's everything is going to be okay.
  9. To tell her how so many people love her, and how she is an amazing friend to everyone. I could never imagine someone NOT liking her because she's so nice, sweet, and amazing. She can be random and funny, and she always cheers me up when I'm in a bad mood. I really never actually thought I'd become best friends with someone over the internet, but god was I wrong because Aria IS my best friend.
  10. She's been in there for a day, not even. But I told her mom to tell me everything because I'm on the edge. I've never lost someone close to me, so It's all new to me, and I don't want to lose my best friend. If your still reading this, thank you so much. Because Aria means a lot to me and many other people. x

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