For my dear friend Aria and her mother {PuffBall)

Thank you all for reading.. i treasure my friends and if one of them dies i might as well have a piece of my heart riped out! Please READ! For Aria's blessing.

Why do i NEED to write this paragraph .. i mean.. seriously at least 1 paragraph.. *puppy dog eyes* oh well. I really hope Aria gets better.. and.. WHAT THE HECK! THE DOCTORS SHOULD LET ARIA'S MOM SEE HER!!!! GOSH DON'T THEY KNOW THE MEANING OF LOVE!!!!!!!

Created by: PuffBall

  1. ...... I think i'm going to cry......oh my god... take a deep breath PuffBall just take a deep breath *sigh* @ Aria's mother; oh dear gosh... oh please make sure she is all right... by the way.. EVERYONE is praying for her! My parents, my friends back at my school that i talked about, my best friend for soul... you... oh god please help her! just tell her that BABY PUFFBALL says her prayers and to lighten up the mood she says; "IM GOING TO PARTY ROCK BABY!"..... hehehe... ok sorry i just want her to enjoy her stay... i mean it happen to me once like that but not with pins.... it was horrible; I FELT HORRIBLE! i just wanted to forget that never happened; i got amnesia for a part of it!!!!!!! - ;(
  2. Aria has been a dear and greatest friend to everyone.. and like her best friend said; EVERYONE! She might as well be an angel! We NEED hope. And we NEED her alive! So everyone please please take a minute and do some prayers and an moment of silence for her....
  3. We all LOVE her. I LOVE her! She has the kindest things to say and also full (FULL) of joy and happyness
  5. She is also an AMAZING writer and has some dramtic stuff in her mind :) to make up her new AWESOME quiz series!
  6. Now for what i made up;
  7. A is for an amazing person she is R is for being radiant on showing off her kindness and making people positive I is for my (and many people) idol, even though i CANNOT be as angel like as her A is for angel; cause she is one
  8. And thank god for doctors
  9. thank god for everyone who is helping and hoping... and i KNOW she WILL survive
  10. and in hope... well jst read: THIS IS NOT NORMAL! It doesn’t happen like this, does it? No, I don’t think so, there must be wrong with the… I grabbed the dagger that we just taken out of Daniel’s bloody stomach. I widened my eyes as I observed it more closely. How could I be so, so STUID?! “This cannot be happening!” I yelled in fury. “What is it?” I held the dagger up to Areo’s face. “Recognize this?” His eyes widened and gulped, then said; “From the Book, yes.” Then Dawn gave me a questioning face, “What is it?” I shook my head, “Dawn, this dagger belonged to Aria.” Her faced widened and ran towards where Daniel laid, she turned towards me, “You mean as in, Aria, the start of this all?” I nodded, “Who else would there be?” yes Aria hopefully will be a big role in these gotoquiz series also.. PLEASE PEOPLE DO IT FOR HER!
  11. 2 more don't worry! ... and i would also say that ... @ THERECKLESSBAM: U BETTER PRAY A MILLION TIMES,....well.. u already have soooo never mind
  12. please all of you hope and pray for Aria

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