are you a bad mother

there are plenty of bad mother and good mother are you a good mother? a bad mother is someone dat dnt think of herself at all that don't put her kids 1st.

Are you a bad mother? Do you have the power to become a good mother again?.Until now you should worrying and think about what type of mother you are?

Created by: tatiana

  1. At what age you will allow your child to have a cellerphone
  2. What age your child can have a boyfriend
  3. A what age you alloewd your child to where a mini skirt
  4. If your child steal a a store what would you do?
  5. would you give your child what he/she want if she/he bother you
  6. If your child got sispended what would you do
  7. If your child keep on misbehave what would you do?
  8. If your child graduate from highschool what would you give her or him
  9. If your child embarrased you what would you do?
  10. What age your child can have a girlfriend
  11. When is the best age for your child to put a perm or weave
  12. If yor child went to jail what would you do
  13. If your child refuse to clean his or her room what would you do
  14. If your child is sick what would you do
  15. How would you discipline your child?

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Quiz topic: Am I a bad mother