Twice quizzicality time!!

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As they say if you take work with this the more smarter you get. Maybe don't mind the second paragraph I went crazy there, anyways welcome to my twice quiz where the questions are literally facts about twice that you would try to solve and got 100%

The most common thing about it was to your robot and she said it is important that you have to be able she is your mother and she has to be your mother and she will not even have a mother mother daughter and she said it is important

Created by: Mariel Chanco

  1. Who is the leader of twice
  2. What is their debut song?
  3. Which are 2 the rappers of twice
  4. True or false? Did Dayhun made a video that went viral before she even debuted twice
  5. Which member loves Blackpink's Jennie
  6. Which three members are officially born Japanese
  7. Are Twice friends with Blackpink, besides Nayeon?
  8. What does the song Signal trying to represent?
  9. What does the song TT trying to represent?
  10. What does the song Likey trying to represent?
  11. Is Sana's last name rarer than Momo's and Mina's

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