how well do you know how I met your mother?

Take the how I met ur mother quiz and be a true tv genius!!!! U know Yolo so come on dont be shy take the quiz!!!!!!!! Hahajajahahaha u don't know how fun this is (SO JUST TAKE THE QUIZ) OKAY

Come on!!!!!u can do it (maybe) can u have what it takes to be a HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER genius( I do) hahajajahahaha #yoloswag come onnnnnnn!!!!!!!! Luv ya

Created by: alien1234

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  1. Who is Marshalls best friend?
  2. Who is barney secretly in love with?
  3. Who left Ted on there wedding day?
  4. What is Ted's middle name?
  5. What does barney call Ted?
  6. What did Ted steal for robin
  7. Does barney in a relationship
  8. What does Ted buy in a sale?
  9. How did Ted and Marshall meet
  10. What is Teds job
  11. What does Quinn work as
  12. Did Ted and robin ever date?
  13. Ted is Barneys
  14. Who did barney think was his dad
  15. Robin dated
  16. Why did robin and nick break up?
  17. Marshall cares about the
  18. Robins hair colour is
  19. When robin was 16 she was a
  20. When robin was 16 her name was

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Quiz topic: How well do I know how I met my mother?