Vampire Peak part 9

MUST READ: sorry this is so late! i'm so sorry, i hope you like this one, i tried to add a little bit of every guy in this, but i'm not sure if i did a good job or not! please comment and tell me!

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires find out now! take my quiz before it's too late and they're taken good luck girl ! _Jade Black! :)

Created by: Jade Black

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  1. "Y-You love me?" you stutter. he nods and leans in to kiss you. you pull away and hold your gem out of habit. "Why do you do that?" he asks you. "Do what?" "Hold you necklace like that." "It just makes me feel safe." you look at him and he's grinning. "what?" you say smiling. he shakes his head.
  2. you jump on him and pin him on the bed. "What the hell ever, tell me." you command. he rolls over until he's on top of you. he looks at you loving ly and he leans down like he's going to kiss you instead he brushes his nose against your jaw line, inhaling your scent. you smile. he keeps smelling your skin until he kisses your throat. his kisses trail up your throat until he reaches your lips. you two kiss about five times.
  3. "Are you going to tell me why you were smiling?" you say he shakes his head. "You're not getting anything out of me." he whispers. you smile and bite your lip. this is a totally different Blake, you cannot believe that an hour ago he was a nasty mean guy you were trying to avoid.
  4. Justin comes in the door and sees Blake on top of you and you smiling. he freezes, his jaw sets. he stomps out.
  5. you push Blake off of you and run after Justin. "Justin Wait!" you call he stops and turns around with an irritated expression on his face. "What Bree? you're obviously having a better time with my brother, i'm nothing special anymore then huh?" he turns around. you shove his shoulder so he was looking at you. "Justin please, don't be mad with me, i'm sorry, i don't know what i was doing-" he cuts you off. he exhales and shakes his head slightly, he looks at you and cradles your cheek with his hand then wipes a tear away that was developing on your cheek. "Stop, it's not you i'm angry with Blake not you, i'm never mad at you." he huggs you. "I'm so sorry." you say. "If you apologize one more time i'm going to have to hurt you." he whispers. you smile and giggle
  6. a tear runs down your cheek after he walks away. you wander around mindlessly without going back to your room in case Blake would be there. you wander until you find yourself in a beautiful garden. they;re full of you're favorite flowers, white roses, purple roses, daisies, and lilies. you bend down and smell one. you smile. you see a small envelope with your name on it, it reads.
  7. 'Bree, i know you love flowers, just don't ask me how i do, i thought you'd like this it took me forever to figure out how to plant a garden. i hope you like it, if you really like it met me by my door tonight we'll go someplace. Troy' that's so sweet. you think you smile and go and sit on one of the benches in the garden and smell the sweet fragrances.
  8. "What are you doing here?" says a voice, you open your eyes and see a platinum blond with red piercing eyes. "Sitting how about you?" you say she smiles and laughs. "Well, i'm actually waiting for Troy, he was supposed to meet me here. we're going to the beach." she says, you're heart lurches forward. you frown. "So Troy's your boyfriend?" you ask her, she nods. "Well, actually, no but some day we will be together forever." she said, her fangs grew down to her chin and a drop of venom dripped from her right fang.
  9. "Misty!" calls Troy from behind her. Troy sees you and smiles. "Hey, Bree, i thought i would never get you away from Blake, nice to see you. you gonna come see me later?" he gives you his sexy grin, you can't help but smile and nod. his eyes light up then Misty and Troy walk away hand in hand. you're thinking of just splitting the date with Troy at that sight but Mist said that they weren't dating. but then again you can never trust blonds, especially blond vampires.
  10. your stomach growls, you walk to the kitchen and make somehting to eat, what do you make?
  11. you go back to your room after eating but Blake isn't there, you smile. but you want to go find Brian. you walk around but you can't find him. instead he finds you. "Bree!" he calls you turn around and smile. "Hey Brian." "Look, I'm sorry about Cheyenne. that's was totally messed up and i don't blame you for hating me. I'm so sorry Bree." he says, you smile and nod. "Well, if i were any good for you, you wouldn't have gone with her would you? so no permanent damage done, you and i don't belong together it's okay Brian." you pat his cheek. you hug him and he hugs you back. "I've missed you." you whisper. he smiles. "i've missed you too, more than you'll ever know."
  12. you and Brian talk a little while about things you did when you were friends, then after that everything went on the subject about when you were dating, then you remember Cheyenne your face falls as well as a tear. Brian wipes it away with a kiss. you smile and look at your watch, it's almost time to meet Troy.
  13. you two say good bye and you go back to your room where you take a shower and what do you wear?
  14. you walk to Troy's room with that on and some make-up you don;t usually wear, so by the time you were done you looked like a freaking goddess. you knock on his door and he opens his door he sees you and his eyes nearly pop out of is head!

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