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  • Woooooowwww 98 percent btw anagraham you're right that should be 4100 but the lowest was 4900 or sth else....btw good luch

    Jeeshan Aug 30 '15, 2:04AM
  • It would be 4,100 idiot, and that wasn't an option

    Anagraham101 Jul 25 '15, 3:28PM
  • 82% Is this correct? I'm sure I got them all right. Anyway, sorry for my earlier spam comment :)

    MadameBlueberry Jul 1 '15, 11:14AM
  • Lolol nice quiz but I'm actually good in the range of quantum physics... Oh well I'm only 18% smarter than the population lololz

    Babeizpink May 28 '15, 3:00AM
  • dat 55% dough

    jirader0 May 26 '15, 9:45PM
  • 85% i got 98.87 on a state test... and they used bad grammar and number 2 is obviously 4,100... which wasn't a choice...

    PUTZthecat100 May 25 '15, 3:33PM
  • 73%? I was 93% when I took a state regulated test...

    rhiavaille Apr 11 '15, 8:01PM
  • This test isn't right. I reported this. Not a good test, this is.

    Nature Apr 6 '15, 11:28PM
  • 18% smarter than the population. This quiz is really off. I have a lot of experience with intelligence, so whoever made this stupid "intelligence" quiz can go find the correct answer to number 2 because it is obviously 4100.

    Very Constipated Mar 24 '15, 10:07PM
  • Nine ,seven,and five are irrational and illogical.i have the highest IQ in my whole city and this quiz is so highly unqualified as a true quiz.I am also reporting this quiz.if it is not right,then it should not be a quiz.>

    katqueen45 Feb 21 '15, 12:42AM
  • Um, you're testing people on intelligence when the correct answer to number 2 isn't even in the answers? Sloppy.

    Kitty Way Jan 26 '15, 8:50AM
  • 82% smarter than the population...

    Ye ah, based on what statistics?

    gwinfrost Dec 25 '14, 4:04AM
  • this is ridiculous. I got 2 wrong, and those two that I got wrong didn't even have the right answer in the selections...

    Lance_sing Nov 23 '14, 11:41PM
  • Also, whoever started that chain message should be reported for trying to scare people into spreading your message. It has nothing to do with the quiz, thus, it is not necessary, nor is it appropriate. Thank you.

    PokemaDiva Nov 14 '14, 1:32PM
  • You are 82% smarter than the population

    Well done, you managed to score quite well. You've done your best and this is the average score given to most of the population. You just have to polish your skills a little more to join the top scorers.


    PokemaDiva Nov 14 '14, 1:30PM
  • I only got 4 right. If you ask me, these were trick questions and YOU are the dumb one(no offence).

    paristchefor Nov 11 '14, 6:39PM
  • 44%? Like, are you serious?
    You tell me to practice MY "intelligence" skills harder, when you're the one that needs to do so. Some questions didn't even have the correct answers in it!!

    OwO Oct 30 '14, 5:39PM
  • Pls u should check number two answers they are not correct

    messi123 Oct 27 '14, 1:13PM
  • 55 pc? Excuse meh i get straight A's at class

    harrys babe Oct 22 '14, 3:34AM
  • Sigh...this quiz is just as bad as your other one...lemme start:

    2 - 1000 + 40 + 1000 + 30 + 1000 + 20 + 1000 + 10 = 4100. I get that you meant to use 400, 300, 200, and 100 to get to 5000...but you didn't. You need to proofread these things.
    6 - Since you failed to specify that the doctor specifically told you to take the first one after waiting 30 minutes, the first pill would be consumed immediately, the second in 30 minutes, and the third in another 30 minutes - for a total of 60 minutes.

    As with the other quiz, this one requires too much general knowledge to actually be an IQ test...sigh.

    I'm not going to bother listing all of them this time.

    Nharzhool Oct 14 '14, 6:52AM
  • 98%... but the math part was off (it was obviously 4100). Oh yeah... cliche questions don't quite count - even a simpleton can memorize answers (or google) for them.

    This quiz isn't smartsy enough for me... yet, I do appreciate the efforts made for this. Always strive for more!~

    randomdudeXD Sep 8 '14, 10:24AM
  • These are pitiful questions, not to mention the incorrectly added mathematical question. If I'm correct, 1000 four times is 4000, and 40+30+20+10 is 100. 4000+100 is 4100. Not to mention intelligence isn't measured by how many times one has been told a cliche riddle.

    auddav Aug 26 '14, 1:16AM

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