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  • Without meaning to be rude, this quiz isn't great. The answer to question 2 should be, unless I am very much mistaken, 4100... which is not a listed option. As for the question about the legality of marrying one's widow's sister, the answer should not be that it's illegal but that it's impossible!

  • I also see in the comments that question #6 gives people problems. It all depends on if you want to know how long they last in terms of effectiveness or in terms of time to take them.

    If for the effectiveness it is 90 minutes, in terms of time to take them it is 60 minutes. Imho since the question doesn't really say anything about that ("How many minutes would the pills last?") it is impossible to answer this one unless the question is changed..

    • no one cares about you pill addiction here!! go away!!!

  • 6. A doctor gives you three pills telling you to take one every half hour. How many minutes would the pills last?


    Ok. So I take one pill. Then I wait half an hour. Then I take the second pill. Then I wait half an hour. Then I take the third pill. There are no more pills. One hour has passed since the doctor gave me the pills. Therefore, the answer is 60 minutes. Simple enough?

    2. This must be done in your head only. Do NOT use paper and pencil or a calculator. Try it. Take 1000 and add 40 to it. Now add another 1000. Now add 30. Add another 1000. Now add 20. Now add another 1000. Now add 10. What is the total?

    So, let's write this out:
    1 000
    00 20

    Tell me that 4100 is the wrong answer. Go ahead. I dare you.

  • You are 82% smarter than the population 82%

    Well done, you managed to score quite well. You've done your best and this is the average score given to most of the population. You just have to polish your skills a little more to join the top scorers.


  • This quiz needs work. I couldn't give an answer to #2, because the correct answer (4100) is not among the choices.

    Also, the unless one is conversant with the fine points of Canadian law, the correct answer for #8 is "I don't know."

    And I really don't know if it's legal for a dead man in Canada to get married -- for all I know, it might be.

  • You are 91% smarter than the population

    Congratulations , you managed to score very well in this quiz. Your problem-solving skills as well as your sense of logic is very high indeed. Keep it up

    thanks but,suckish. In the noahs ark one,yes he did take the animals! Are you implying that it never happened?


  • That calculation question is indeed wrong. I'm very sorry for that. The correct answer is definitely 4100. That's the only question with an error. All the other questions are correct. Please understand the questions first because this quiz tests your sense of logic. Thanks for your comments.

    Vira Dash
  • Sigh...this quiz is just as bad as your other one...lemme start:

    2 - 1000 + 40 + 1000 + 30 + 1000 + 20 + 1000 + 10 = 4100. I get that you meant to use 400, 300, 200, and 100 to get to 5000...but you didn't. You need to proofread these things.

    6 - Since you failed to specify that the doctor specifically told you to take the first one after waiting 30 minutes, the first pill would be consumed immediately, the second in 30 minutes, and the third in another 30 minutes - for a total of 60 minutes.

    As with the other quiz, this one requires too much general knowledge to actually be an IQ test...sigh.

    I'm not going to bother listing all of them this time.

  • You are 82% smarter than the population 82%

    Well done, you managed to score quite well. You've done your best and this is the average score given to most of the population. You just have to polish your skills a little more to join the top scorers.

    These questions were hilarious XD

  • I know I got them all right because almost every question was on a common sense test that I passed with 100%

    And your not so much a genius yourself because, well, the answer to number two is 3,090. Everyone knows that, well, everyone except you.

  • I really need to pay closer attention to these things when they make biblical references. Since I'm not a Christian, I didn't even notice the name switch until after I looked at the answers. I still got over half right though, so I guess I did okay...

  • This quiz is so idiotic. If a doctor asks a patient to take 3 pills every half an hour the pill will last for only 60 minutes not 90 minutes. He will take a pill now then after 30 minutes another and after another 30 minutes another one. Thus, 3 pills lasting for 1 hour.

  • Yes, Savannah Lea and Abena 12, of course you're right. SO the answer should be "no" for the . As simple as that. Silver Tree, obviously the answer is 0 for the Ark question because Moses never did shifted animals!! It was Noah!!

    Vira Dash
  • The numbers thing was wrong, wouldnt it be 4100? And Im pretty sure the name thing was wrong also, because it was going with the vowels a then e then i then o wouldnt the next name be Nunu because the next vowel is u? But I dont know I didnt really this, Ive taken an IQ test and I got a 124 which is above average and Im 13 so.... Yeah but whatever It was easy though, but I got some wrong because of the answer choices and I think that not many people would not know the law in Canada for marraige......

  • Also, whoever started that chain message should be reported for trying to scare people into spreading your message. It has nothing to do with the quiz, thus, it is not necessary, nor is it appropriate. Thank you.

  • These are pitiful questions, not to mention the incorrectly added mathematical question. If I'm correct, 1000 four times is 4000, and 40+30+20+10 is 100. 4000+100 is 4100. Not to mention intelligence isn't measured by how many times one has been told a cliche riddle.

  • 100% Just saying that Moses is the one that led the Jewish people out of Egypt to freedom, and Noah is the guy who saved the animals and his family from God's flood. Otherwise, it was not a bad quiz.

  • This is the dumbest quiz I have ever taken on gotoquiz. :/

    If I could like or dislike this quiz, it'd be a 'DISLIKE!" Thumbs down. And obviously you're not so smart yourself if the man is widowed and marry's the sister! He's dead!

    D I S L I K E !!!

    Savannah Lea
  • 18% smarter than the population. This quiz is really off. I have a lot of experience with intelligence, so whoever made this stupid "intelligence" quiz can go find the correct answer to number 2 because it is obviously 4100.

    Very Constipated
  • 98%... but the math part was off (it was obviously 4100). Oh yeah... cliche questions don't quite count - even a simpleton can memorize answers (or google) for them.

    This quiz isn't smartsy enough for me... yet, I do appreciate the efforts made for this. Always strive for more!~

  • This quiz makes no sense! How can the person posting the intelligence get like ALL the answers wrong! How about the next time you make an intelligence quiz, you get the answers right! :( EPIC FAIL

  • Hey Vira Dash!!! I think your quiz is totally awesome!! Im always looking for new riddles to tell my friends and this gave me some!! And you are right to tell some people off when they said all the answers were wrong in their comments!! They just werent looking hard enough at the question and how it was worded!! I think you did an excellent job creating this quiz!! I really enjoyed taking it!!! 10 star rating for sure!! :-)

  • First of all, there should not be a religion question in an intelligence quiz. Second of all, some of these don't have the correct answer. I know you probably worked hard on this, but I didn't like it.

  • Why, if I'm 73% smarter than the average people, do most people get this answer? That's theoretically impossible if the majority of people score higher than the "most people".

  • All of you are being a bunch of brats! This quiz is not suckish. You guys are just being rude to Vira Dash and being total idiots. There's nothing wrong with this quiz, it has questions from many other intelligence quizzes. So if you'd like to go bash those quizzes too, I'm not stopping your stupidity.


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