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  • Your an Idiot

    TheKat24meow Jun 16 '12, 2:48AM
  • i got 18% i do not c how this is possible but watever

    des4life Jun 16 '12, 1:47AM
  • The with adding numbers is wrong. The total is clearly 4100.

    78709554 Jun 16 '12, 12:38AM
  • OK, this quiz is bogus. Afterwards, I subtracted 25 from 60 on my calculator, and got 35! what's with that? Also, birthdays are the day that we celebrate the anniversary of our birth, not the actual birth itself.

    ilovepeeta Jun 15 '12, 8:46PM
  • 36% :) cool quiz i had fun

    skatterbrain May 29 '12, 12:36PM
  • 100%. easy!

    Magicala May 28 '12, 12:53PM
  • I got 100%. Easy quiz.

    awesome89 May 28 '12, 8:47AM
  • hahaha i went back to the quiz and retook it 100% it was very tricky!!!!

    Fire_Fairy May 28 '12, 8:14AM
  • 73% not bad

    Fire_Fairy May 28 '12, 8:09AM

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