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  • I recently met one really interesting guy, who introduced me to a whole bunch of cool people. One of which introduced me to more great guys, 3 of which just fell for me seemingly instantly..

    One I didn't like, one I who was not my type but very into me and the last that everyone warned me to stay away from, but whom I actually was interested in. After a night, the one I liked flirted with me but his friend, the nice one, pulled me aside and advised me against him and hit on me instead.

    One week on, I have his as my boyfriend, while the bad boy does nice things for him and me, to make me happy and makes me feel really guilty about it.

    But at the same time, the first wonderful guy just.. Wandered back into my world, making my heart jump and yet, he's so... So resistant to my flirting, I dunno if it's because he doesn't notice or if he doesn't like me. But my heart just went.. Crazy. I shouldn't keep flirting, because the other guy is so in love with me already. But part of me, wants him, so badly.. I hope, it's just a phase. But he's single and I have so little time left and my heart. My body. My head.. Just can't stop thinking about him.

  • Biggest flaw: constant worry about everything. I lie to make people like me.

    Biggest fear: people looking down at me and secretly talking about me. People thinking that I'm weird and trust me, my school doesn't really accept "weird"

    Confession : Most of the things people see me as and think about me are all lies. I'm not the cool responsible type, I'm short tempered and bratty. I'm afraid that if I change now, people with think I'm a wannabe or something. I'm such a wannabe. But somehow, no one notices.

  • ok this is what i got:The Confession Game
    Your Result: Confession three

    In the comment box, confess your biggest embarrassment. If not then answer this question, "Which is more embarrassing, everyone in the school finds your underwear in the hall, or you walkin into the wrong bathroom with a whole bunch of people in there?"

    ok my biggest embarasment is when i was 6 or 5 years old ( now im 11) ok so i went to this pool, public pool. (im a girl) and my mom said to take off my cloths and put on my swim suit, and she said she would hold up a towel. so i did what she did, i was naked and i was about to put on my swim suit when i saw a group of boys (younger than i was i guess) and they were giggling and laughing at me. i was confused, then i realized that my mom was talking to someone while holding the towel and she was holding the towel so no one can see except the boys. SO EMBARRASSING!

    and everyone in the school finds your underwear in the hall is more embarrassing

  • Alright so I'm like MADLY in love with this girl named Candace, and I think she likes me back. She calls me "handsome" and "cute" ALL the time, we have some really deep conversations nowadays and she keeps acting like she is in love with me to. I'm beyond shy so there is like little I can do right now, but maybeh soon! ; 3 also I vote for Chocolate in everyway!

  • My biggest fears are.....showering alone in the bathroom, bees or wasps, etc, the dark, ghosts, scary stories, scary movies, exorcisms, being alone at my house, being alone in a closed room at night, sleeping in my own room, guns, spiders, bugs of ALL kinds, haunted houses (halloween stuf like that), and the list goes on......

  • Hi guys,

    I have a boyfriend, a secret boyfriend. We are gay. He is European, I'm Asian, his age is greater than mine 5. It's been 4 years since we officially in a relationship. We have a long-distance relationship, he comes to see me once a year. Since I met him, he's bought me what I want, even I don't tell, he knows what I like. He's the first man to hug me, I love hugs, they could bust me to tears. I'm not sure that my feeling for him called love, I'm too young to understand what is love, I just have feelings for him. He was dumped 5 times by girls. He confessed to me that he loved me due to my innocent. About me, I had child abuse by my parents, now I'm living with grandparents and aunts, they love me. They don't know I'm gay, I feel guilty.

    I'm afraid one day in the future, our relationship will be FORCE-STOP.

    I will suicide if I lose him.

  • Ok ok fineeeeeee. I like this cute boy in my class names Jake. A lot of people like him so Idk if I should too. I have another crush, Patrick and he is one year older than me. I swear he looks like Justin Bieber!!!!! No lies!!!! Well to be honest I don't like jb but Patrick is cuteeee!!! But the bad news is that my best guy friend is his beat friend so its kind of awkward when I hang out.

  • My biggest flaw would have to be my insecurity. It's not that bad, I know. But consider everyone saying I'm good, and even professionals coming up with amazing career oportunities, and me turning them down because I think I'm not good enough. Also, the insecurity led to anorexia and bolumia.

  • Confession: Sometimes I fake my moods and actions to make people do stuff or act a certain way. For instance, sometimes I act ticklish or scared so that I seem more like a girl and it seems to attract attention from my boyfriend pretty well. In short, I'm manipulative.

  • Ok, so I have a dilemma. I've liked this guy for 3 years, we where best friends, but now we don't have any classes together. So I just kinda, watch from a distance. But now, he's dating my friend Bailghy, and she knows that I like him, and they only have 1 class together. And everyone tells me to let ot go but I can't. Will you random people help pls?

    Min Yoongi
  • My biggest fear is... don't judge me. Death and growing up. I mean i don't know why i'm scared of it. I just am. And the worst thing is. I can't talk to anyone about. They all think i'm crazy or try and convice me that its not scary. No one knows that. My connfession would have to be that i feel so alone. I have a lot of friends and best friends. but nobody understands.

  • Biggest flaws hmm.
    -Perfectionis t
    -Short temper
    -hide stuff a lot
    -hide my emotions.
    -insecur e about myself/body
    -tempe ramental (same as short temper)

    -i can be cold towards the once i don't like; but i need a reason to be so cold not jus stupid reasons (:

  • My biggest embarrassment? Boy, that's a tought one. I've had so many! I guess the one that's most embarrassing was when I was wearing this grey bra with white star patterns, and a white shirt on top, then in class we had to do some acting, and I completely forgot about how it would show. I took my jumper off and stayed like that throughout the whole lesson, and at the time I didn't realize but all the boys were staring at me. At the end of the lesson, my bestie came up to me and told me. I was like, "Oh f---." -.-

    Loony Luna
  • My guy friend I think has a crush on me and I think I have a crush on him...But I'm also still in love with my ex boyfriend(today I went back to school, I saw my ex and when I saw him I couldn't handle it to take him as a friend and he won't talk to me right now anyways.

  • okay, biggest fears... okay. all insects, really small spaces, my three yonger sisters [they are devils spon], snakes... no, all reptiles, and glass dolls. don't judge me, you'd be scared if you heard THE LITTLE CHINA DOLL to, i heard it 3 years ago and at midnight, i still lock my china dolls in a box.

    rock chick xP
  • I have a crush on three people. Their names are Dylan, Jackson, and Dakota. (That's the order I like them in!) For the chocolate or vanilla thing, I choose vanilla ALL THE WAY!! :)

  • my biggest fear is of rides in fun parks, i just cant have the nerves to sit in a ride

    and enjoy, it freaks me out..... I tried thrice to enjoy rides bt they got worse every time,,,, i just cant stop fearing a ride

  • i like 4 guys and one of them is my best friend.

    i'm afraid of not meeting the high expectations that my parents have put for me.

    i'm a genius, straight up.

    i escaped from war in the middle east when i was 8 years old.

    i saw a mass grave with people i knew in it.

    i don't think i can feel anymore, and that scares me.

  • I have 4 crushes and there really cute
    there names are Kyle, Luke, Lewis and Caleb

    The creepy thing is though Luke and Lewis are cousins

  • I'm not intensely crushing on any one particular boy but I bet there's gonna be a lot more potential at school this year...:)

  • When I was 12 years old I totaly digged the most weirdest guy in my class.Also I lie to my friends that I like to go on rollercoasters!But I hate them!I am 13 now and I like 4 boys in my class Steve,Patrick,Morga n,Harry

  • My biggest flaw is either that sometimes I don't know who i am, I can't come to terms with me being bi, and I an be very insecure at times....

  • I confess at the moment I have a major crush on one really funny and cute guy and a minor crush on an other. Vanilla

  • My flaws hmmmm. Id say just about everything about me. Perfectionist, short temper, hiding a lot of stuff, and many more things >.>

  • ok my fear is i am terrified of clowns and i like this kid named jaydon he is super cute and i think he likes me we are like best friends and he always says that im beatiful and pretty ohhh and vanilla is better than choclate


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