The Cause part 3

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Hey, I'm back. I know that it a long time for this to come out, it's just that I got lazy. And anyway, I'll begin to write this muck quicker and make the length longer.

I wanted to let you all know that since it getting hard to use "you" in every sentence, I'll be beginning to use "I" since it's easier to phrase a sentence with "I"

Created by: oneofthegurls

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  1. First thing is first, I apologize for the long wait. I forgot about doing this and well I only rembered now. So, sorry. And also, the story will be using "I" from now on instead of you since it's easier that way.
  2. There was a silence in the car. The only sound was the wheels whriring on the loose gravel. The sun was setting. I took a deep breath. "How?" My voice, as shake as it was, wasn't surprised. My mom hesitated for a moment. "Murder." She said in barely a whisper.
  3. Murder. Again a close family member was murdered, this was the 2nd time. Before I knew it, tears were streaming down my face. I began to sob and Hic. Grandma, grandma, WHY? I though trying to hold in the rest of the tears. "Ella..." My mom tried to comfort. It wasn't working. I looked up and I noticed that we missed the turn to our house. "Umm, mom, you just missed the turn." I said recovering from my crying. "No I didn't, we're not going home yet." She responded with a forced smile.
  4. I grew silent. I looked out the window. West-man's Street. Grandma's street. "Mom..." I hesitated. "Yes, Ella, we are going to Grandma's house. We had investigators check up on her house and found almost everything stolen and due to past occurences involving your brother and father and now you grandma..." "DON'T TALK ABOUT THEM!" I screamed with a shaking voice.
  5. It grew silent again. "I-I'm sorry mom. I lost control." I said trying to cower behind my long hair. "I know Ella, that it's really hard on you and I know that dad's murder and your brother suicide carved a huge scar on you but..." She was interrupted by the sound of police cars. I looked and saw police cars crowding a house. Grandma's house.
  6. We parked in front of the next house since the rest of the the space was taken.I began to wonder what kind of power my grandmother had. Looking around, there seemed to be 10 to 15 police cars and what looked like 20 investigators coming in and out. One man looked over and saw us. He was what looked like the kind of guy you would see in N.C.I.S, young, tall, model like looks, and toned. "Hey, you guys are the Avalons right?" HE asked in a deep voice. "Yep." My mother said in an obvious fake optimism. "What's left of it at least." I added looking down. I wasn't lying. I have no cousins, I have no aunts or uncles, My grandpa is missing and my brother, my father, and now my Grandma are dead. The only one's who are left are me and my mom.
  7. "Come in." The man gestured to the inside of the house. The house looked like a mess, the TV was missing, the desk that TV was in was missing, The coffee table was missing, the couch was missing, literally, the living room was missing. Even the wall was stripped of it's wallpaper. The floor was stripped of it's rug. It looked like the kind of room you'd find in a forclousured house. Empty, lonely, and abandoned. "You guys can look around the house, or what's left of it." His eyes were full of sympathy . "I don't need your Sympathy, just do what we payed you for." I retorted looking away. All these turns of events left cold and empty,what was my reason for being here? I could almost feel the way my brother must of felt before he committed suicide, it must have hurt him so much to lose dad. Dad was always there, unlike our mom, who, before my brother committed suicide. And when we lost dad. He began to change, he lost his vigor, his smile, his personality. Everything. Just like this house.
  8. After looking through the house, which wasn't exciting at all, since, everything was stolen, I returned to the first floor. I hadn't noticed it but darkness had already overshadowed the light outside. It was night. Mom and I were almost out the door when a lady tapped on my mother's shoulder causing her to turn around. The lady was another investigator. She had deep blond hair and dull gray eyes. Hey hair was tied in a tight ponytail and she looked like she hadn't slept for days. Her uniform looked like the uniform the mad was wearing that we met before. She held out a brown leather pouch. Just like the ones you see in those medieval movies.It looked full to the brim with items fighting to get out. She handed it to my mom. "This is one of the few thing that wasn't taken." She had a faint british accent. She handed the bag to my mom. "Thanks..." My mom replied. I put on my hood since I knew that it would be cold outside. The hood sagged over my head so people really couldn't recognize me. We both turned and began to open the door to the outside when we heard a scream.
  9. Before I knew it, the house was full of people. Not the police men or investigators. It was of tall, buff, intimidating men, all in black with what looked like guns on the sides. "You the Avalons?" One man said, he spoke in a deep, guff voice, perfect for his image. My mother stood silent, her violet eyes quivering in fear, like a mouse in a house full of cats. "What if we are?" I said as bravely as I could manege and I tried to change my voice as much as possible. The house grew silent. Why hadn't anyone in the outside noticed the scream yet? "Oh, ho, ho, why who do we have here? What are you doing here Princess?" His mouth turned into a 6 parts smirk and 4 parts smile. Who was the princess? I was about to say something again when my mother put the the pouch sling over me and pushed me out the door to the empty dimly lit street and lawn. "Run Ella and don't look back!" She said throwing her purse at me to make me run. I did run, taking her purse with me, and I continued running. Running into the darkness.
  10. Ok, so my hand hurts like heck now so, wait until my next part. BTW, I won't continue If I don't get at least 2 comments. Just saying. KK

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