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  • To Rock chick: Actually, that sounds like a good idea, I feel like putting that on the next quiz. THanks!

    To cheese1234: THat's a good idea for the looks thanks!

    Also, if you want, I could mention you guys in my story next time!

    THanks, Mikaela
    CReator of this quiz

  • aron. and i REALLY LOVE your story quiz thing, it rocks!!!!!!!! part 4 please!!!!!!!! today? please? oh, and put at least ONE more guy into your story, and im just guessing that the girl... is a princess? so you could make the guy a gard, or something. and then in the almost last part you could have a vote for who the girl will end up with. just a thought. if you don't like it then you don't need to use it, im just saying it would be cool. then you could make, a book 2 of sorts? it'd be SUPER cool!!! again, just a thought. you don't have to use it.

    rock chick xP
  • omg! im sooo into it! part 4 please! put another guy in your story. suggestion: new guy with black hair and green eyes. make him buff *wink wink* ;D

  • Oh my gosh this is great! Don't stop! Hurry make more!!!!!

  • More! These are good!

  • this quiz was totally awesome!PART 4!!!!!!PART 4!!!!!


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