Somehow They're Alive (part 8)

Welcome to part 8! So what did you think of part 7? Are you happy with my choice for Jay's future girlfriend? I finally decided to choose Rayla. At ...

first I was considering Tammy, but then I thought that Jay wasn't right for Tammy. I'll try to find somebody for Tammy and Audrey later on. Also, I've got a lot of surprises prepared for the future! :)

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Jaslina's Point of View~ Rosie’s Restaurant*** “Jaslina, my love, you look stunning.” Ryan brings my hand to his lips and kisses it. “You look twice as stunning as I do, boyfriend.” Ryan and I stand in the middle of the room looking for the perfect place to sit.“What table should we sit at?” asks Ryan. “One that’s very far away from a window.” “Why?” “So Tammy and Rayla can’t spy. You know how entertaining spying on us is to those two.” He says, “You’d better change it to ‘those three’. If they were coming here to spy on us don’t think that Jay wouldn’t come with them.” Ryan pulls out my chair and waits for me to sit down and then sits down himself. We browse our menus. It only takes me a couple minutes to decide what I want, and it takes Ryan twenty-five. Teasing, I say, “Are you ordering twenty hamburgers again?” “Heck no! I’ll never make that mistake again. I was almost in the parking lot throwing up with Jay!”Ryan looks around and then changes the topic. “I can’t help but wonder how Rosie decided on these decorations.” Honestly, I’ve wondered the exact same thing. Rosie’s restaurant has white and maroon tiles decorating the floor as well as artificial palm trees in every corner. The table tops and some of the doors are made out of colored glass. You can tell that it isn’t real stained glass, although it’s still very pretty. For something extra there are wind chimes hanging from the ceiling. “I don’t know how she came up with these decorations either. Is there even a theme for this restaurant?” “Maybe the theme is a church that sells wind chimes in Hawaii?”
  2. Amused I say, “I was not expecting the restaurant to look like this. I was expecting more of a medieval huntsman theme.” “Medieval huntsman theme? Are you talking about their house?” “Yes, but I’m not insulting them. It’s just nice to see some originality. How could I insult them? They’re nice people.” “I can’t disagree with that. If Rosie and Tom are only two things, then they’re nice and original.” Just then the waiter comes to our table. “Good evening. Have you decided on what you want to eat?” “Yes,” I say, “the special salad with shrimp on the side.” To Ryan he says, “I’d stay with her. She has wonderful taste in food. So have you decided?” Ryan gives him his order and the waiter walks away. I’m about to restart our conversation when the waiter collides with a waitress. The waitress drops her tray spilling ice water all over my dress. “Jaslina, are you okay?” asks Ryan rushing to my rescue. “I’m fine. It’s only water.” “Do you want me to get you some towels?” “No, I’ll just go to the lady’s room and sop it up. Be right back.” I speed walk to the bathroom with water dripping down my dress. At least it’s water and not hot coffee. I grab some paper towels and start to clean up my dress. For the second time since Rayla’s fixed it I look at my hair. Rayla did a great job on it. I open the door to walk out when I hear a peculiar sound. Only when I’m completely quiet do I realize that it’s somebody whispering; it sounds like Rosie. By the way it sounds she’s talking into a cell phone. I step back inside the lady’s room to listen. If she’s calling the police we’re doomed! Well never find dad or Josephine! While Rosie’s talking I look for a place to hide, and decide on under the sinks. Hiding in one of the stalls would make too much noise.
  3. “Okay, I think whoever it was just walked out. So what were you saying?”…......”Yes, I’m certain of it.”…….. “How do I know? She looks and sounds like Audrey in every way. I even heard one of them call her Audrey!”……..”I don’t know why she didn’t greet me! She probably didn’t want to interrupt the serious conversation we were having.”…… “I don’t condone what you’re doing, young lady. You need to turn yourself in.”……”Yes, I am on your brother’s side with this. He has a brave spirit and a caring heart. You shouldn’t insult him.” Oh no. She’s talking to Sapphire. I’m about to run out and tell Ryan what I’m hearing when something she says distracts me. “Honey, you know I’d never do that. I could get thrown in jail as an accomplice!”…….. “I know that I didn’t know who that little girl was at the time, but my heart told me your mother was up to no good.”……..”Sapphire, don’t take that tone with me. You know that your mother just dropped her off at my doorstep. My friends were willing to take her so I gave her to them.”……. “Sapphire, this conversation is done.”…… “After what you’ve been doing I have a half mind to tell that girl the truth!”……… “Fine, honey, I give you my word. It shouldn’t be that hard of a secret to keep. Audrey doesn’t even know who she really is, so nobody else should find out either.”……..“I’m hanging up now. Bye.” Right after she hangs up I run out faster than I thought possible. What the heck were they talking about? “Ryan,” I whisper, “we need to get those coordinates from Tom and get out of here. It isn’t safe.” He looks at me like I’m crazy. “What are you talking about?” “Ryan, just trust me. I’ll explain later.” He nods and we run outside to the car. To our advantage, the others let us borrow the van. As we’re driving down the road Ryan says, “Jaslina, you’ve gotta at least give me a hint as to what’s going on.” “When I was in the bathroom I heard Rosie talking on her phone to Sapphire; she was hiding in one of the stalls.” “So she’s on Sapphire’s side?!” “No, she actually on your side.” “So what’s the problem?” “Sapphire and Landon now know that we’re with Rosie,” I gulp, “and I think that Audrey could be in possible danger.”
  4. For some reason Ryan decides to pull over. Ryan has the palm of his head resting on his forehead as if because of a headache. “Alright, tell me everything that you heard Rosie say to Sapphire. I’m very confused.” “Well, first she was saying that she was certain it was Audrey. Once she got past that she started telling Sapphire that she doesn’t like what she’s doing and that she should turn herself in. Then Rosie started saying she’s on your side with this. I was going to leave right then, but I heard her say something else.” When I don’t say anything Ryan asks gently, “What was it?” “They started talking about a little girl that got dropped off at Tom and Rosie’s doorstep, and that she gave the little girl to some friends or something. The thing that’s got me is when Rosie said that it shouldn’t be a hard secret to keep because Audrey doesn’t even know who she really is.” “Whatever secret they’re keeping it can’t be good. It does seem like Audrey is in danger.” “So?” “You’re right. We need to get the coordinates and the others and get out of here.” Ryan pulls back onto the road and is driving a little bit faster than he was before. For some reason a smile escapes him. “Why are you so happy? I see no joy in this situation.” “Nothing. It’s just that it was awfully lucky that the waitress spilled water on you, huh?” That thought brings a smile to my face as well. “I guess it was. God does work in mysterious ways.”
  5. “Speaking of God, perhaps we should pray about this situation.” When he says that, my smile fades from guilt. Now that I think about it, I haven’t prayed once since we got here. I completely forgot. “You’re right. We really should pray about the situation. Do you think that you could pull over again?” He pulls over once again. We’re pretty far out in the country, so none of the other drivers are getting mad at us. There aren’t any drivers to get mad at us. In the silence of the car Ryan takes my hands and we pray together. It’s not a long prayer; we don’t have that kind of time. However short, it did give me peace. Perhaps I shouldn’t worry so much. With God on our side what could possibly harm us? As we’re driving down the road I pray another short prayer inside my head. ‘Lord, please protect dad, Josephine, and Audrey’s parents. Please help us get to them in time. And thank you for Ryan. He’s one of the best gifts you ever could’ve given me.’ Feeling the peace that God gives me makes me grin. We made it out of the Middle East alive, so we’ll make it out of here too. We just have to have trust our creator.
  6. ***Tom and Rosie's House***“You kids are certain you want to leave now?” says Tom. Rayla argues, “Yes, Tom. We need to leave now. Jaslina and Ryan would never steer us wrong.” “Alright then. Can I at least give you some food or something? Jay here mentioned that you were low on funds.” We turn to glare at Jay. “What? We are!” “Yeah, but that doesn’t mean that we have to put a burden on people,” grumbles Tammy. “Naw you kids wouldn’t be putting a burden on me. Rosie and I like to do canning in our spare time; we even like to smoke meats and cheeses to preserve them. Our cellar is full of food that you could take. I could even give you some gas money and blankets.” Ryan has a surprised expression. “Tom, you really don’t have to. You’ve been so kind to us already.” “Ryan, it isn’t a problem.” Before continuing his sentence he looks around. Then he whispers, “I understand that Sapphire and Landon are dangerous, and probably hot on your trail. Knowing the women in your family, they’ll probably come to us for help any day now. When that day comes, we want you to be long gone with all the supplies you’ll need.” “Fine. If you insist, then we’ll accept what you have to offer. We really could use some supplies.” With that he rushes from the room and motions for us to follow him. He leads us down stairs to the cluttered basement. Tammy was starting to look irritated when she didn’t see any of the food Tom was talking about, but then he opens the trapped door that leads to the cellar. Instead of stairs leading down into the cellar there’s a latter going down. Tom goes first and the rest of us follow. I can't believe that he's willing to give away half of his canned and smoked food to help us! Yet again, I'm just glad that there's somebody who's willing to help us.
  7. To Jay, he says, “Bring the truck around to the back. We’ll be able to load stuff in quicker that way.” Jay nods and runs to follow the order he’d been given. The rest of us go carefully down the latter and drop to the cellar floor once we’re close enough. Sure enough there are homemade canned goods and smoked meats and cheeses stacked up nearly to the ceiling. If there’s anything to say it’s that Tom and Rosie are definitely prepared for nuclear war or the apocalypse. The only things in here other than food are cardboard boxes stacked up in the corner; a lot of cardboard boxes. “Each of you take a box and start filling it with canned goods. Fill those boxes to the brim. After you get done with that grab another box and fill it with meats and cheeses. There might even be some bread down here, so if you see any pack it in your box.” Every one of us does what he says. Even Tammy does what he says without protest. While we’re packing Tom goes up the latter. Twenty minutes later he returns with rolls of blankets and six pillows. Jay is with him, too. “Those of you who are done, start loading this stuff into the van. I’ll be back to help in a minute. There’s something else you might need, and I want to find it.” He leaps up the latter in a hurry. A few minutes later we’re done stuffing the boxes and manage to shove them from the cellar onto the basement floor. The van is huge so there’s plenty of room for ten boxes and six blankets and pillows. Even with all six of us it takes us a half hour to carry everything out to the van and then to get it arranged. Nonetheless, Tom still hasn’t come with what it was he wanted to give us. Eventually we get tired of waiting and go searching for him. Luckily, he isn’t hard to find, because we run into him on our way into the living room. “Okay, I found what I was looking for. Here, take it and leave. You must hurry.” He shoves two large boxes at us. They’re heavy, too. What, is there lead in these boxes?!
  8. “What’s in these boxes?” “Tents. Now go. I just got a call from my wife. She told me that—“ A knock from the door interrupts him. “We’re too late! Go hide in the basement!” “Why?” “Just hide!” We run to the basement stairs and shut the door. All of the others run downstairs to hide in the clutter. Wanting to hear who’s at the door, I stay near the top of the stairs where I can here everyone talking through the door. His voice lacking joy, he says, “Sapphire, what a pleasant surprise. It’s nice to see you. Who’s this handsome young man that’s here with you?” “Tom, this is my boyfriend. His name is Landon.” When Sapphire says the name “Landon” she sounds love struck. “Ah. Well I’m sure he’s a capable young man.” Sapphire giggles sounding childish. “Trust me; he’s more than just capable.” Changing the topic, “Where’s your mom and brother? Shouldn’t they be with you?” “They normally would be with me, but something came up.” “Oh, well that’s too bad.” I hear them walk from the entryway to the living room where Tom continues the conversation. “I’m surprised that your mother would let you come here with your boyfriend alone.”
  9. Wow, who knew that Tom would be so good at playing stupid? Now Landon’s talking. He sounds more smooth and trustworthy than ever. Either way he’s still lying. “I know. I’m surprised too. Sapphire missed the Irish countryside so much that she just couldn’t stay away anymore. Ryan and Mrs. Caroga felt so bad for her because they couldn’t come with her, so they trusted me with her safety. Sapphire is upset that she had to stop helping them with the orphanage that they’re running in order to come over here, but seeing this beautiful land has healed her guilt.” “Yup, it sure has. I think in a couple of weeks I’ll be ready to go back and help with the orphanage. I love the sights over here but I love the children more.” I gag when I hear them say that. How stupid do they think Tom is?! Without warning I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see Ryan behind me and Tammy and Rayla at the bottom of the stairs. They mouth to me, “Get off of the stairs!” “No, I’m listening!” I mouth back. Rayla crawls up the stairs in order to help Ryan drag me to the bottom. I don’t put up a fight as to avoid making noise. “This is mutiny!” I whisper shout. “No, this is protecting you! Besides, we can hear better through the air vents anyway,” Rayla whispers in response. I crawl with them to a cluttered corner with boxes stacked to Ryan’s shoulders. (Ryan’s six feet and three inches tall.) It ends out that behind the stacks of boxes there is room enough for all of us to hide as well as the air vent. Rayla was telling the truth because I can actually hear more clearly than I could through the door. They’re still talking about the “orphanage”.
  10. “Well, it sure sounds like a nice place. What’s the name?” “The name?” asks Sapphire nervously. “Sure. Your orphanage does have a name……..” Sapphire chuckles nervously. Tom’s got her now. “You know what; I think I’ll tell you the name tomorrow. Landon and I have been driving forever to get here. We’re both exhausted.” “Oh, of course,” says Tom. “What was I thinking? You probably are exhausted! There are a couple of guest rooms upstairs if you two wish to turn in for the night.” “I think that we’ll take you up on your offer.” I hear them walk upstairs, and then everything goes silent. Until Tom comes looking for us that is. “Okay, you’ve gotta get out of here now. It isn’t safe. Your tent boxes are out back by the van. I suggest that you toss them in and get out of here. Rosie will be back from the restaurant in an hour, so I’ll tell her that you got out of here safely.” We run out through the back door and to the car trying not to make a sound. We toss the tent boxes in the car, make sure everything is sealed up tight, and then we drive. Tom waves goodbye through the window. I wave back and mouth, “Thank you”. I don’t know what we’ll need tents for, yet I’m still thankful for this kind man and his wife. I just hope that Sapphire and Landon don’t take advantage of them or hurt them.

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