Somehow They're Alive (part 4)

Alright, from here on the story is mostly going to take place in Ireland. However, they don't stay in the same place. They travel all over Ireland and....

....even get into a situation worse than last time. I can promise you that this series has a surprise that you hopefully won't expect. If you guys didn't catch part 3 you can still go back and take it.

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Jaslina's Point of View~Five Days Later~Belfast, Ireland*** "Finally we're here! It's always been my dream to eat at an Irish restaurant," says Jay. We finally made it to Ireland. Somehow, we all managed to convince our parents to let us come. Actually, we were supposed to have a chaperone, but none of our parents could come. Our schools didn't want us to miss this experience, so they agreed to let us come anyway. To put it simply, the five of us are alone in Ireland for eight weeks. At the moment we're eating dinner at the restaurant across the street from our hotel. "That's your dream, Jay?" asks Rayla laughing. "No, not really. My real dream is to be a professional baseball player." Ryan, also laughing, says, "A professional baseball player? But, you're awful at baseball!" "Aw, thanks Ryan. I know honesty is the best policy, but you don't have to crush my dreams!" Rayla pats Jay on the back. "It's okay, Jay. I'll comfort you," she says with her voice teasing. Tammy takes an olive off her salad and throws it at Rayla. Her eyes are twinkling. "Rayla, if you want to get a table alone with Jay, just say something. I'm sure he'd be flattered if it turned into a date." Rayla quickly takes her hand off of Jay's back. Jay is blushing. "Not funny, Tammy," says Rayla. "It's about as unfunny as you stealing the loft bed!"
  2. "It's about as unfunny as you stealing the loft bed!" When Tammy, Rayla, and I went to drop our stuff off at our hotel room we discovered that our room has two twin sized beds, and a queen sized bed in a loft. They argued over that thing for a half hour. Finally we agreed that Rayla gets it. Luckily Tammy isn't holding a grudge; even now you can tell that she's only kidding. I get to a point where their conversation bores me. Eventually my mind wonders off to what tomorrow might bring. On the plane over here Ryan said that we'd start taking the first steps to finding my dad and Josephine. He said that the first step is to hunt down the people that he used to stay with when his mom was gone. He says that he knows what town they live in. According to him it should be a long but successful drive. Now all we need is a car. Eventually we finish eating and head off to do some site seeing. It's too late to do anything about dad or Josephine tonight, but the night is still young. Rayla wanted to see the Belfast Linen Hall Library. Apparently there's a newspaper here that's been around since 1737 and she wants to see some older copies. Lucky for us the library is relatively close to where we're at, so we can just walk. We walk through the beautifully carved stone entrance into the massive place. Rayla and Jay go up to what looks like an off duty tour guide lady. Before you know it the three of them are off looking through archives. Tammy gets bored and goes off to find a book to read. Now it's just me and Ryan. "So," says Ryan, "have you been thinking about anything?" "Besides my dad and Josephine? Not a chance." "Oh. Well, I was hoping that know, to get your mind off things, that maybe..." Finally it hits me. "You're talking about that date we planned on." "Yes. So would you like to go out on a date sometime? I mean, we planned to start dating our senior year. Now we're seniors." Now that I think about it, a date wouldn't be a bad idea. It sounds nice actually.
  3. "You're right," I say. "We are seniors aren't we? Let's go ahead and plan our first date. First let me grab my notebook." I write down all of my important things inside of my notebook; my mom got me into the habit of doing that. Now I can't plan anything without writing down. I reach into my bag for my notebook, but it isn't there. I think I left it at the restaurant. "Ryan, do you think that we can run back to the restaurant real quick? I think I left my notebook there." He shrugs politely. "Sure. We can talk on the way there." On our way to the restaurant Ryan tells me that there's a beautiful lake here in Belfast. The sunset is always pretty over a lake. We could put off our mission for one more day and have a beach picnic. You can tell by the look on his face that he doesn't want to put our mission in jeopardy. As wonderful as that idea sounds I decide to turn it down. Finally we near the restaurant as Ryan's coming up with another idea. "I know. My mom's friends' own a café. We could have our first date there without harming the mission." "You mean those people who she always left you and Sapphire with?" "Yes, but they have no idea who she really is. They always liked me better than Sapphire. I'm sure that they'd let us have our date there and give us a discount." I smile. "Romantic and a bargain hunter. You're the total package, Ryan." Ryan brings my hand to his lips and kisses it. "Thank-you sugar cake. I can say the same about you." "Sugar cake?" He laughs. "You don't like that one? Do you like cupcake? What about pudding pie? Jellybean?" I laugh with him. "Why are all of my pet names food-related?" "Because I'm a man who loves food. So how do you feel about"”"
  4. ***Ryan's Point of View*** I'm about to tease Jaslina with another nick name, but what I see stops me. The restaurant looks nothing like it did when we were here forty minutes ago. It was a cute but elegant restaurant without a fork or napkin out of place. Not anymore. Now it looks like a crime scene. The windows of the restaurant are completely shattered, and it's surrounded by yellow police tape. This can't be good. Jaslina and I rush up to a big meaty police officer with graying hair. "What happened here?" I ask. "I don't see how this is any of your business," says the deep voiced officer. At first Jaslina seems too afraid to say anything, but then she works up the nerve. "Officer, I'm sorry but I left my notebook inside when we were here earlier. Since we can't go inside could someone get it for me?" He sighs. "Alright, fine. I wouldn't want to give you tourists' the wrong impression of us Irishmen." He walks inside and doesn't come out until twenty minutes later. "I'm sorry, miss. It isn't there. Now you must leave. This is a crime scene." We try to protest. "But, sir, we know that she left it in there"”" "Leave now, or I'll have you thrown in jail!"
  5. ***Jaslina's Point of View***Reluctantly we walk away. I wonder what happened. Unsure of what to do, Ryan and I go back to the library to meet up with Tammy, Rayla, and Jay. I'm sure that Rayla and Jay will want to tell us about the old newspaper she looked at. Halfway to the library my cell phone rings; I got a text from Tammy. Oddly enough, she always uses complete sentences when texting. It says: "We're going back to the hotel. It's getting late. We'll meet you and Ryan there." Ryan's reading over my shoulder. "Sounds good to me. Let's go to the hotel." I wish that she would've sent that text at the restaurant. The walk would be so much shorter! We walk inside and get on the elevator. Luckily Tammy and Rayla gave me the room key. The elevator stops at our floor and we walk down the hall to our rooms. "I'll see you tomorrow, sweet peach," says Ryan. What we saw at the restaurant has quickly worn off. "See you tomorrow, Ryan. We can work on better pet names then."
  6. We laugh and go into our separate rooms. I grab my towel and PJ's from my luggage and am about ready to take a shower. As I'm walking past my bed on the way to the bathroom I notice something. Lying in the middle of my bed is my lost notebook. I must have left it here. Buy why is it on my bed? I pick it up to write down the facts about me and Ryan's future date, but what I see when I open it makes me drop my pen. Written in the front cover is a message. It isn't my hand writing. It says: Dear Jaslina, I found your notebook. You and your friends better watch your step over here, or I promise you that it'll get ugly. Did you see what happened at the restaurant? The damage my gun did to the windows can do a lot of damage to you as well. If you care at all about your safety you'll leave Ireland now. You should've known from the start that the five of you aren't the only people here on a mission. Don't get in the way of our mission, or you're signing your death warrants. I'm sure that Josephine and your daddy would feel awful if they caused your death. Leave, Jaslina. Leave. P.S. If you don't know who wrote this ask Ryan. He'll be sure to recognize my handwriting.
  7. ***Ryan's Point of View*** I collapse on the bed into a heap. I can't help but wonder what went on at the restaurant. What could possibly shatter the windows like that? I turn over on my side and look out the window. My bed is positioned just right so I can see the street below. It's getting dark and the street lights are starting to come on. Since this room is facing a street that isn't the restaurant street, everything looks peacful. There's a mom and a dad walking with a little girl in between them. Behind them is a skinny man with a mustache walking his black lab. Then on a bench across the street from them is a couple sitting on a bench holding hands. For some reason they draw my attention. I can't decide if it's because of my affection for Jaslina or if it's because they seem familiar. Perhaps it both. Really, they do seem very familiar. The girl is wearing a red dress and has long black curls going down her back. The boy has blonde hair combed back and is wearing jeans. It's probably my imagination, but they remind me of- A knock on my door distracts me. I get up and look through the peep hole. Even through the peep hole she looks paler than ever.
  8. ***Jaslina's Point of View***"Yup, Sapphire had to be the one who wrote this. I'd recognize her handwriting anywhere." I ran across the hall to Ryan's as fast as I could. None of the others are back yet, so it's just me and Ryan sitting in the hallway. If the others get back and Ryan and I are in a room alone they would get the wrong idea. It's best to sit in the hall and play it safe. "How did Sapphire and Landon get over here without the police catching them? This is impossible!" I exclaim. Ryan sighs, sounding kind of scared, "I have no idea how they managed to get over here. All I know is that nothing is impossible for Sapphire. She always finds a way." "Great. This is going to be last summer all over again, isn't it?" "Not necessarily. Last time it was four against four. This time it's five against two. Sapphire and Landon have skill, but not as much skill as my mom and Akmal. Did you see how easy they were to take down when we had to escape the deserted airport?"
  9. I ponder his words. He makes a pretty good point. "I admit, what you say sounds true enough. We're probably pretty safe even with them on the loose. I just have one question for you. You don't think that they'll break into my room again do you?" After a short moment of silence, "Probably not. They already risked a lot within the last few days. Sapphire is probably gonna take it easy for a while now. She knows when to take risks and when to lay low. If Landon's smart he'll listen to Sapphire." Despite his calm words he seems kind of concerned. However, his words still calm me. Ryan gives me a hug, and we're about ready to head off into our rooms'. But before we separate completely I ask one more question. "Hey, Ryan, can I ask you to do a favor for me?" He attempts a smile. "Ask away." "Do you think that you can keep Sapphire's note a secret from Jay, Tammy, and Rayla?"
  10. Wide eyed, he replies, "You want me to keep something this major a secret from them? Do you have any idea how mad they'll be if they find out?!" "Yes, I know exactly how mad they'll be. I just don't want it to scare them back to America. We need them right now. You know as well as I do that we need to have each other's backs' while we're here." After a long sigh, "Alright, fine, I won't tell them. Just hope that this doesn't come back to bite us in the rear." I give a sigh of relief. "Thanks, Ryan. I owe you." "Yes, you do. If we don't get a discount at my mom's friends' restaurant you pay half?" "It's a deal." He opens the door to his hotel room. "Goodnight, my sweet," he says with a wink. "Goodnight, dearest." I walk into my room feeling both scared and happy. Despite the secret I just asked him to keep for me, he still wants to go on that date.

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