Somehow They're Alive (part 3)

Alright guys, this one is the turning point. Jaslina discovers what happened to Josephine. The story will start to get a lot more dramatic after this.

Also, this is going to be Jaslina and her friend's last time in America for a while. Pretty much the rest of the story is going to take place in various parts of Ireland.

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Jaslina's Point of View***Lily’s house wasn’t all that fun. We tried to have fun, but it’s hard to with all of the recent drama that’s entered our lives. So around 11:30AM Tammy, Rayla, and I went back to my house. I was the first to shower and get dressed, so right now I’m on my way to the kitchen for a bowl of Corn Flakes. Mom left a note on the table that I don’t notice until I sit down. The newspaper article she wanted me to read is attached to it. The note says: Jaslina, Normally I’d be upset with you for spending the night somewhere without telling me, but this time I’ll make an exception. You’re just lucky that Lily’s parents called and told me where you were; otherwise you’d be in the trouble of a lifetime. I promise that later when I’m home I’ll tell you more about your sister if you want me to. While I’m gone if you want to know what happened to her the answer is in the newspaper article. I know I can’t make you read it, but I’m strongly urging you to. I’ll be home around 6:30. I love you. Love, mom. I toss the note into the garbage and leave the newspaper article sitting on the table. I look at the clock and realize that Ryan and Jay will be here in a half hour. That should give me enough time to eat my cereal and brush my teeth. I hear the swinging door come open and I turn around to see who’s joined me. It’s Rayla. “You’re eating Corn Flakes?” she asks. “Yup. With everything happening so suddenly the least I can do is keep my health.” She manages a smile. “Suit yourself. I’m getting some Lucky Charms.” She pours herself a bowl and sits down across from me. Apparently she notices the newspaper article. “Did your mom leave you a note?” “Yes,” I answer looking down at my cereal. “Did you read it?” “Yes. I’d never not read a note she left me.” “That’s good.” After a slight pause, “Did you read the article she left you?” “Nope.” Rayla sighs. “Jaslina, aren’t you the least bit curious about what happened to Josephine?” Finally I look up at her. “Actually, I’m very curious. It’s just that I want mom to tell me herself. Not some newspaper article.” “This is probably extremely hard for her to talk about. Will you at least consider reading the article?” “Yes, but after mom explains herself. I’m not really angry with her anymore. Now I just want to know why she never told me about my sister, and I want to hear it from her before I read anything.”
  2. When I told her that I’m not angry with mom anymore I meant it. She probably did have a valid reason for keeping her a secret from me. I really shouldn’t have run out on her yesterday. Now I just hope that she forgives me. Another thing I hope for is that the police catch Landon and Sapphire. If Ryan is right that they escaped to protect something, then I hope that they get caught with whatever it is in their possession. After a few minutes Tammy comes down and gets a poptart. Minutes after I’m done brushing my teeth Ryan pulls his used Chevrolet into the driveway with Jay in the passenger’s side. Rayla looks at herself in the hall mirror before she answers the door. Together they come rushing in without even a hello. The first thing out of Ryan’s mouth is, “Turn onto channel 13!” For once Tammy obeys instead of putting up an argument. At first I’m not sure why Ryan wanted us to turn on the TV, but then I see why. A News Anker is saying, “I got a report today that two prison escapee’s were found going toward the docks this afternoon. The officer that saw them called for backup, but the two teenage convicts managed to escape him before any of the other officers were able to arrive on the scene.” Both Landon and Sapphire’s mug shots come across the screen. “The officer claims that the two couldn’t have gotten far, and are now going on a manhunt for the two underage prison escapees. Despite their youth, these two criminals are incredibly dangerous and should not be approached by anyone. If you see either of them call either 911 or the following number.” After the News Anker repeats the number Tammy shuts off the TV. “How did they possibly avoid re-capture?!” exclaims Rayla. Ryan’s face is buried in his hands. “I don’t know, but I do know that they left a valuable clue.” Jay says, “Which is…….” “They were found going toward the docks, and you know what that means.” We all exchange glances. “Whatever they were looking for was on a boat?” Jay guesses. “Not just a boat, but our boat,” says Ryan.
  3. “Ryan,” says Tammy, “what could possibly be on your mom’s ship that they would want?” Ryan doesn’t answer. He looks to be deep in thought. Eventually a look of realization crosses his face. “I know what they were looking for! How did I not think of it before?” He runs toward the door and slips on his shoes. “I’m going to the ship! I just hope that I get to it before they do.” “Get to what?” I ask. “My mom’s journal. She always hides it on the ship. What else could they possibly have been looking for?” “In that case, I’m coming with you,” I say. “You might need somebody to help explain if the police catch you crossing the yellow tape.” At first he looks unsure, but then he says, “You’re probably right.” He motions for me to follow him. “Hey, we want to come, too,” says Tammy. “Then let’s get a move on,” says Ryan with a smile. It’s a long and silent drive to the docks. Hopefully the journal is still there. If Sapphire and Landon got to it before that policeman saw them then we’re ruined. Finally we make to the docks, and, by some miracle, we get passed the yellow tape and onto the ship. All of the police are on the manhunt right now, so that gives us some time to find it.
  4. We follow Ryan on board and try to look nonchalant. Really, it isn’t too hard because there’s nobody else around. Because of that news report I suppose that people are staying away from the docks for today. Ryan leads us down a small hallway with three doors. He passes the first two and opens the one at the end. That must be his mom’s room. It’s easy to tell that his mom isn’t big on making thing’s pretty. The room has a bed with a plain blue bedspread, a nightstand, and a dresser. There aren’t any pictures on the wall or anything. Suddenly what Ryan’s doing is taking my mind off of the lack of décor. He’s stomping on the ground. “Ryan, what are doing?” I ask. “I’m looking for the loose floorboard. I heard her tell Sapphire that she always keeps her journal under a loose floorboard in her bedroom. I’m just having a hard time finding it.” “We can help you. All you had to do was ask.” For fifteen minutes all of us are walking around the room slowly going over the floorboards without any luck. “I don’t understand,” says Ryan. “She said it was in here!” “What about the floorboards under her bed and dresser?” asks Tammy. Ryan slaps himself on the forehead. “Thanks, Tammy,” he says. The minute we move the bed we notice a floorboard that’s sunken in lower than all the others. That must be it. In a flash Ryan jerks it up and puts his hand inside of the gap it leaves. “Do you feel anything?” asks Rayla. “I’m not sure if—Ah ha! Here it is!” Ryan pulls up a thick white book with a leather strap around the middle of it. “Alright, now that we found it, we need to get off of this ship,” says Jay.
  5. ***May 25, 1996 Dear Journal, Today is Ryan and Sapphire’s first birthday. It’s too bad that I can’t do anything for them because of my most recent kidnapping. Oh well, it’s not like they’ll remember this. Besides, now we’ve got plenty of money to pay bills and buy food with. Who knows? They might even thank me in the future…. “This is hopeless!” Tammy exclaims. “We’ve been reading through that thing for two hours, and there isn’t anything that could get your mom into worse trouble!” “I’m sure there is,” says Ryan. “We just have to keep looking. Besides, we’re only halfway through it.” We all groan when he says that. Not able to take anymore I excuse myself to go make salads. Mom called a few minutes after we got home and said that she wanted me to make dinner. I don’t feel like getting out pots and pans and everything else, so I’m just making some big salads. About a half hour later as I’m putting on the final topping Rayla and Tammy rush through the swinging door. “Jaslina, you’d better get out here. I think that we found something.” I shrug and join them in the living room. Whatever it is, it can’t be worse than the other entries we’ve read. “You think you found something?” I ask Ryan. Ryan nods and hand me the journal. “See for yourself.” Tammy adds, “Read it aloud if you will.”
  6. I start with the date. “’June 29, 1996. Dear Journal, That man will get what’s coming to him. I don’t care how much he says going through Teen Challenge has changed him. All I know is that he made my life miserable in high school, and now he’s gonna pay. Sure, he apologized to me when we ran into each other in Walmart, but that doesn’t change a thing. All I know is that I want revenge. I know where Carson is driving tomorrow, and I know that his adorable little two-year-old will be with him. I understand that the baby didn’t do anything, but he deserves what coming to him. Because of how he treated me little Josephine will have to pay the price along with him. ‘” Before I say or do anything I run to the kitchen. Carson is my father’s name. Josephine is my sister’s name. No. It can’t be. Ryan comes into the kitchen behind me. “Jaslina, is everything alright?” I don’t answer him. I just read starting with the date on the article: June 30, 1996. Today we found a silver Honda deserted on the side of Rowan St. The windshield and driver’s side window were both completely shattered, and there was major damage to the bumper. However, there was no sign that harm was done to anybody inside of the vehicle, whereas no blood or weapons were found. Later on the car was identified as belonging to Mr. Carson Rowe. When we went back and interviewed his wife we found that both her husband and two-year-old daughter, Josephine, had gone missing from the vehicle…. “No!” I scream. “It can’t be! This can’t be happening!” Hearing my screams, Jay, Rayla, and Tammy also rush into the kitchen. “What’s wrong?” they ask in unison. I don’t do anything except hand them over the article. Jay and Ryan don’t completely understand, and Tammy and Rayla have to explain the whole “secret sister” thing to them. The rest of the afternoon goes by in shocked silence. This is unbelievable. Ryan’s mom kidnapped my dad and older sister.
  7. ***Ryan's Point of View*** This is unbelievable. My mom actually took Jaslina's dad and sister. I didn't even know that she had a sister! My mom has done many aweful things, but this time she's crossed the line. So what if Jaslina's dad was mean to her in High School? He appoligized to her didn't he? I rub Jaslina's back as I'm sitting on her couch hugging her. Hugging her is all I can do. How else can I possibly ease her pain and her shock? Especially when I'm just as shocked as she is. Right then I make a vow to myself. No matter what I am going to help Jaslina get her dad and sister back. Even if it means the end of me I'll help her with this.
  8. ***Jaslina's Point of View~ The Next Day***Mom told me why she never told me about Josephine. It ends out that she did have a valid reason after all. She knew that I’d get older, and she was afraid that I’d try to get the police to reopen the case. She thought that if I didn’t know that the kidnapper got my sister too that I’d be less likely to. Her main fear was that the kidnapper would find out that I was trying to find them, and that they’d do something to me. I guess she really did do it for my own protection. Only, I know who took my dad and Josephine. Not just that, but I have the kidnapper’s son who will most likely help me. Now I feel like I have no choice but to try and find them alive. I’m sitting on the porch waiting for Ryan and Jay to arrive. We agreed on another one o’clock meeting at my place. We’re not too focused on Landon and Sapphire anymore; the police can handle them. Now we’re trying to find out where Ryan’s mom hid my father and sister. An engine noise pulls me from my thoughts. Ryan’s here.
  9. “Hi, Jas.”Ryan walks over and gives me a hug. “Are you doing any better?” “Yes, a little. I’m still very shocked, though.” “So am I. I know my mom has done a lot of bad things, but she’s gone way too far this time.” “You’re telling me.” Jay walks past us and goes inside. Then Ryan takes a seat next to me on the porch steps. “Listen, Jaslina, I know you’re hurt. I’m so sorry for the pain my mother has caused you. With God’s help I promise to do everything I can to help you find your dad and sister. With God on our side I know we’ll find them.” I return his embrace. “Thank you so much, Ryan. I don’t know what I could ever do to thank you for your kindness.” “Just saying ‘thank you’ is enough.” After a slight pause, “I might even know where your dad and sister are. It’s a bit of a long shot, but I’m almost certain that that’s where they are. Do you want to go inside so I can tell everyone at once?”
  10. ***“Ireland, Ryan?” says Tammy. “What could possibly make you think that they’re in Ireland?” Jay adds, “I admit, it does sound kind of crazy.” Luckily Ryan is very patient. “I know that it sounds crazy, but it’s the only place that comes to mind. For as long as I can remember, my mom took Sapphire and I to Ireland once a month.” “How do you know that she just didn’t enjoy it there?” Ryan chuckles. “Can you ever imagine my mother enjoying anything?” “Besides, even if she did like it there, why would she visit so often?” I say in defense. “There is no answer to that one,” says Tammy. “Just think about it. She never even traveled around Ireland. She always went to this one specific town, dropped Sapphire and I at a friend’s house, and said she had business to take care of and left us there for two days. That’s how it went every single time.” Finally Rayla breaks her silence. “Come on, guys. You’ve gotta admit that his theory makes a lot of sense. It sounds to me like Mr. Rowe and Josephine are hidden in Ireland.” There’s a long moment of silence before someone speaks. “Alright, what if we all decided that she hid them in Ireland, and we want to go find them. Then what? We can’t just go jetting off to Ireland without giving our parents some sort of excuse.” “Tammy, I must admit, you make a good point,” says Rayla. “Don’t worry, I’ve thought of that. After doing some research I discovered a National program that lets you spend six to eight weeks in a foreign country for an extra High School credit. Not just that, but it provides better college eligibility. With an argument like that how could our guardians possibly not let us go?” Rayla stands up. “Okay, Ryan, you’ve won me over. I’ll call my parents tonight and see if they’ll me enter the program.” Jay stands up next to Rayla. “I’m in, too. This sounds too exciting to miss out on.” Everyone’s eyes go to Tammy. “What the heck? I’ll come with you. I could use the extra High School Credit anyways.” I guess that’s settled then. We’re going to find my dad and Josephine, and nothing’s going to stop us.

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