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Wanna listen to a story or a (LOVE STORY) Then this is the quiz to be because this quiz will keep you wanting to come back and come back! It will wanna make you want to take each one!

Remember this isn't real life stuff it is all fake people so don't be thinking OH MY GOSH I REALLY GOT TO MEET THIS GUY HE IS SO CUTE OR AT LEAST IT SAYS HE IS

Created by: pancake098
  1. Hey guys! This quiz is a another love story! Remember im going to make this story longer EVERY DAY! Enjoy!
  2. "[Your Name Here] Wake up for School remember it is your first day don't wanna be late!" Your mom said down stairs while she was making food for you and your annoying little sister Amy at 6:00 AM
  3. You got down stairs all dressed up for school and when you turned around you Amy was playing with your car keys! "YOU LITTLE!" You said as you started to chase Amy "MOM MOM MOM!" " [Your Name Here] STOP IT!" Your mom shouted! "She started it, she stole my car keys!" you said. Amy gave you the evil eye.
  4. As you left the door and got in you dark blue Volkswagen beetle (convertible) you drove to school. When you park your car and get out and lock it and got your papers to which class is which, you looked at your watch and it was 7:25! you have 5 minutes to find your class. As you were speeding down the hall way you ran into a really really.... UGLY NERD!? He giggled and then started to snort when he was laughing "Your Cute, Im Bobby!" he was fat and had pimples everywhere on his face, he had geeky glasses and wears nerddy clothes
  5. When you got to class you chose your seat in the back wear the boys sit you set your stuff down, a lady game in and her name was Ms.Nickeletto. "Good morning students! Im Ms.Nickeletto, Your real home room teacher will be late i have to leave now cuz i have gym class to do right now but i trust you guys to be alone so buh-bye now" Ms.Nickeletto said when she left the classroom. A guy next to tapped your arm as you were trying to make a tiger on your paper and you messed up "WHAT!" You said mad, Then you started to get embrassed because you shouted it and because he was soo cute."Oh sorry didn't know you were busy" he said, he had dirty blond hair that was flippy with light blue eyes with a reallly cute smile."Oh know i was um just thinking" you said "I am Jack" he said. "I am [Your name here] i am new" you say "Wanna sit with me and my friends at lunch" Jack says "Sure" You said. The teacher walks in and she starts her lesson.
  6. As you finished Math class (1st period) you went science class (2nd Period) then you went to history class (3rd Period) Then you had to gym, as you walked in the gym the teacher says "Okay ladies and men i'm Ms.Nickeletto, Lets start gym by doing 15 laps around the gym. when she go i was on my 5th lap when a girl came over and tripped you and said "Stay away from Jack" as you got up you went back up to her and pushed her when the teacher was not looking and she fell "You play me, I play you" and you ran away. When gym was over that girl with the long blonde hair with brown eyes with red lipstick also know as Janet went over to Ms.Nickeletto and told on you. "[Your name here] COME HERE!" She shouted."YOU HAVE DETENTION!" She handed you a slip with her name on it. Janet gave you a evil smile and walked away. You went to the lunch room and you saw Jack there and his friends. When you got your lunch from the lunch line you got to the seat but before you sat down Janet quickly sat down on the seat. "Um excuse me!" You say. "Dont worry [Your name here] i got this" Jack said. Jack picked up her plate of food and dumped it on her and pushed her of the seat and he cleaned up the seat for me. "JACK!" "I am telling! Oh look here comes Ms.Nickeletto!" She says.
  7. Ms.Nickeletto gave Jack Detention. "Dont worry Jack i got it too" you said."From Janet?" he says."Yup, what a {Censored}" "Meet my friends, Mike,Pauly,and Jared" he says. Mike has black spicky hair with dark blue eyes,Pauly has blonde flippy hair and green forest eyes,and Jared had dark brown short cut hair with hazel eyes. "Mike,Pauly,and Jared had detention too" Jack said
  8. As soon school ended you headed to detention with your friends when you get their you sit next to
  9. When detention ended you went to your car and before you got in you got a sack thrown over you and you tried to scream but you were to scared to.
  10. You get a shot to be quiet and you fell asleep or i hope... a few hours later you start to wake up but you move your eyes alittle you hear Jack and the other boys talking "We have to!" says Mike, "We cant! she cant know that we have..." Jack stopped he didn't finish because they can hear me giggle. "Hey sleepy head" Jack said, You kind your self in a small cell in the woods with 4 beds and a tiny toilet and shower. "WTF?! AM I?!" YOU YELLED. You checked your phone and it said 2:34 AM! Then when you looked down you saw that you had weird looking clothes on but before you said anything Mike took your phone and everything else."MIKE YOU GIVE THAT BACK!" YOU SHOUTED."LET ME OUT JACK!" "Sorry [Your name here] you are going to have to stay in here until we figure out something" he said. "Then why am i in these clothes!" You yelled "There Ugly!" They are on you for special reasons" Pauly said.You set your head down on the pole of the cell and started to cry.Jack lifted your head and said "don't cry" then he kissed you for about 1 minute and walked away. "WHY ARE THERE FOUR BEDS?!" YOU SCREAMED. "Thats there because there there, we don't go in there" said Jared.When you fell asleep again you woke up in the morning and Jack brought you food. You smacked it out of his hands and said "no thank u" "Look [your name here] we will tell you ok! Jeez" Jack said. They all took you out, you had no space because they made a rectangle around me so i do not run away, they hand cuffed me to the chair and Jack began to talk "The secret is..."
  11. Tomorrow will be See me on the other side part 2!

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