Revenge- Part 5

Amir: brown-blondish hair almost like all of the guys hair combined, blueish-grayish eyes, average skin tone, over average muscular but not more than Landon, seems annoyed with his life, usually mad/angry, mysterious. Landon: blonde hair, sky blue eyes very muscular, average skin tone, preppy, fun, outgoing, nice, bright, cheerful. Gavin: brown flippable hair, blue also most purple more purple than blue eyes, pale but not too pale, usually mean and grumpy but mostly because of his past, unpredictable.

Connor: dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a bit over average skin tone (tanish), averagely muscular, bright, fun, happy, (him and Landon are those bright always happy excited kids but Connor is a bit more than Landon) goes-with-the-flow type of guy. Hayden: blonde flippable hair, crystal clear blue eyes, tan, averagely muscular, average on most things, averagely nice, over average mean, nothing really unique about about him, too-cool-for-you type of guy.

Created by: Miss Direction
  1. We are sitting in the middle of the grass in a circle. "Well does anyone want to start?" None of us says anything. "Ok so I guess I'll start," Landon says. "I had an older brother and so did Gavin but when we ran away so did they. Now we have no idea where they are. Lucy your turn." I'm surprised that Lucy decided to sit next to one of them. I don't think she realized that she was until now. "You guys annoy me." Lucy says. We all laugh except for the guys. But we all knew she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. "Shocker!" Hayden says. "Ok Brit your turn," Lucy says. "My real name is Britney and um I really want to help you guys but I don't think that I could leave school behind." Brit loved school, she is book smart but street dumb. Now it's Winter's turn, "I was named Winter because I was born in the Winter. My sister's name is Summer because she was born in the Summer." She never told us this. "Blue Ivory Carter is my cousin and they got the idea of Blue Ivory from me." Blue says. That is actually really cool. Beyonce and Jay-z named their child after one of my best friends. "At the age of 5, I was relocated to a different foster home and there I met Dani." Savannah says. "I was a foster for 7 years of my life and when I was adopted, for the next 2 years I hadn't spoke a word to them. The only time I spoke was when Savannah and her family came over for dinner or my family went over to her house for dinner." I say. "I was also a foster for 10 years of my life. Then Amir, Connor, Gavin, and Landon came and we escaped together." Hayden says. "Me and Amir were neighbors and best friends and we like ruled our school. Kinda like what you guys do. And my dad was a doctor, he saved lives while people took away his. That is why it is really important that you help us," Connor says. What he said about us, I found kinda offensive. But his story was pretty sad. "When we were about to start our run, we knew we couldn't take my dog with us because he would die, so we had to give him away." Gavin says. We always wanted a foster dog but we could never afford one. "I wasn't always mean, mad, and grumpy. I was once happy and nice," Amir says while staring at me the entire time. I didn't know how to react so I just look away. This went on for a while but I didn't say anything that I didn't want the guys to know.
  2. "So now that we went through that, are you guys going to help us?" Landon asks. "You still don't know about us," I say. They all ooooo. "True dat!" Lucy says. "Fair enough. But we can fix that," Landon winks at me. They all ooohhh again. "Oh hon! That's cute how you think you have a chance with me!" I lied but I was never going to tell him that. They ooooo-ed again. "So you do have a boyfriend!" Connor yells. "I don't and it's going to stay that way," I say while giving them a look. They ooooo-ed like crazy. "We can fix that also," Landon says grinning. They ooohhh. I look around at the girls and give them a should-we-help-them look. They all nodded, even Savannah. "Ok. We'll help. But if you do anything to get one of us mad- that does include Lucy and Paige- we are done. For good. Understand?" "Yeah." They all say. "Good. Let's go!" I exclaim "Yes!!" The girls say agreeing with me. We get up and Landon comes up to me and ask, "Does that mean your done with me as well?" "We never had anything." I say. We re-pair up and I end up with Landon. Well at least it's better then being in a car with Savannah and Amir yelling at each other. I don't really feel like talking to him so I turned on the radio.
  3. The ride was fine but every time he tried to talk to me I said "I love this song!" and turned up the radio. When we got home we all went to our rooms to put away our clothes except we didn't get much. We will just go again when the rest of the girls come. We got into the elevator with Hayden and nobody pressed a button. I just realized that I have no idea what floor I'm on. "Does anybody know what floor you're on?" I ask. "Nope," the girls say. "Let me help," Hayden says. He presses 6 buttons and when the elevator stops he tells which one to get off. Hayden and I are on floor six. When I got into my room, I turn on some music and start putting my clothes away. When I'm done I hear someone at my door. I open the door to find Amir. Ugh, I have seen way to much of him today. "Dinner will be ready in 15," he says. I try to close the door but he holds it open. "Wait. I also wanted to say I'm sorry. I think today you and Savannah have taught me to be happy and not how I usually am. And I'm going to try to do that." "Thanks. And I'm sorry about Savannah, she can get a little out of hand," I say. He smiled at me. "Ok well I'll see you at dinner," and he left.
  4. Dinner was fine. Nobody really talked which I appreciated. We all went to Lucy's room because it was closest. We talked for a while. "That was awesome what you did to Landon today," Lucy says. "Yeah. You totally showed him," Blue says. "Looks like someone has a crush," Brit singsong. "Never happening," I say. We start laughing then it gets quiet. I ask, "Do you guys think we made the right decision?" "Whatever happens, happens. But what happens next is up to us," Savannah says. We make a pack right there. If they did something, we were out. "Lucy, you can at least try to be nice to them," I say. "Yeah ok," she says sarcastically. "C'mon they aren't that bad!" Kyla says. "Fine. I'll try to be nice to them but if they do something to piss me off, they better watch out!" Lucy says. "What do you guys think they will think about Tammy?" I ask. "They will love her," Winter says. "More like Paige," Blue says. We giggle. "Paige will be the hardest to convince," I say. "True but if they say one thing to piss her off, they will be lucky if they can come out alive," Kyla says. We all laugh. We continue to talk for a while until we hear a nock on the door. Lucy goes and opens it to find Conner there. "Oh it's you," she says. "Yes it is," he says. Connor walks into the room and Lucy says, "Oh sure come in!" We laugh because of the tone she used and especially because she promised us that she would be nicer to them. "The guys wanted me to tell you the plan for tomorrow. First, after we bring the rest of your friends back here, we will then explain to them everything. Then we will give you guys a tour of the house. And then you guys could chill I guess," Connor says. "We had a different plan," Kyla says. "After we get them we could stop at the park that we were yesterday and explain everything to them there. Then go to the mall." I say and got up and walk towards Lucy's window. "Finally, we come home and go in the pool." Lucy has an amazing view of their huge pool.
  5. The next morning we wake up at 5 AM and the plan was to get them before they go to school and the guys agreed on our plan for the day. We're all in the kitchen eating our breakfast when I notice that one of us is missing. "Where's Brit?" We all look at each and Lucy says, "Get the cold water." We all go up to Brit's room and pour ice cold water on her so she would wake up. She did. She also screamed. We left her alone to get ready but this time we knew she wasn't going to go back to sleep.
  6. We were at school by 7:50 AM. We usually get there at 8. Spencer is the first to arrive so I got up and went to her. "Spence," "DANI!!! OMG!! ARE YOU-" "Spence, I'm fine. We will explain everything later just please follow Savannah to the car," I say. She gave me a puzzled look. "Trust me. Just do it." She found Savannah and followed her. Hanna came a bit after Spencer. "Hanna," "DANI!!!" She screamed. "Han! Listen to me, follow Savannah and we will explain everything just please trust me. You will like what we are doing," she left. 2 down, 3 to go. Now it's Paige's turn. It took me 8 minutes to get her to follow Savannah. Next was Skye. She was not a problem. Finally, there is Tammy. Savannah left to the car. I tap on her shoulder. "Tammy, please just listen to me. We will explain everything later but right now you have to trust me and follow me." I signed. She nodded. I found everybody talking and the guys leaning on the car. I know that Savannah or anybody else had introduced themselves. "Guys. That's Spencer, Hanna, Paige, Skye, and this is Tammy," I say pointing to everybody whiling signing. They didn't know how to react to somebody like Tammy. "Yes. She's deaf," Lucy says and signs. "We will explain everything later. Landon can you take us to the park we were at yesterday?" I say and sign. "Sure thing," he says and I interpret.
  7. We get to the park and they explain while I interpret. "Now it's our turn to explain," Spencer says. Savannah takes over interpreting and everyone looks at me to explain. I ask Tammy if it's ok if I tell them your story. She says of course. "Tammy became deaf at the age of 14 so she can speak perfectly. None of us knew ASL, including Tammy, and we didn't know how to communicate besides writing. So together we all learned ASL. When Tammy was 15 and a half she got her powers; Hearing of the Deaf. That means she can make any deaf person hear, including herself. But it only lasts for 8 hours. So Tammy uses it when shes at class or talking to someone without one of us to interpret. She can read lips but if you are not close to her and don't speak slow enough, then she can't. Am I forgetting something?" They all shake their heads no. "Ok so we will discuss about your offer and you guys will discuss...Tammy." Paige says. We form a circle and start talking and so did the guys.
  8. "Paige please, it will be fun! They have masterminds to help them maybe you could meet them. And we really need you," I say. "Fine," she says. "Yes!" We all say. We turn to them and wait until they are ready. It takes them about 5 seconds to turn around after we did. "So, we have all agreed to help just like we planned!" I say. "Good because we have also agreed to get a full-time interpreter," Gavin says. We all feel offended. "Your joking right?!!!" I say. Lucy says, "You better say yes or this isn't going to end pretty." "You know what?! Paige is right! We shouldn't trust you guys! We shouldn't even do this! We are all-that's 12 amazingly smart and awesome girls-willing to help you guys BUT you guys aren't even willing to learn ASL?!" I yell. "It's not that we aren't willing, it's just that we wouldn't have the time." Landon says. "DON'T HAVE THE TIME?!!! We learned to sign in one of our craziest years; in the middle of all the tests and we had so much homework and we all have the highest GPAs and that wasn't about to change because we wanted to learn to sign. It doesn't take a century to learn ASL! Plus, you guys aren't even looking at the bright side! First, in the middle of like killing someone and we don't want them to know our plan we can sign! Most importantly, you can communicate with a gorgeous, smart, fun, awesome person who will always be there for you without writing all the time." They look at each other. "Dani, how do you say 'we will try'?" Hayden says.
  9. We went shopping which was so much fun!!! We drove back to the house and now we all are changing into our swimsuits in our rooms. I chose a hot pink bandeau with a gold medal in the middle. We all jump into the pool and we have so much fun. "Hey, where's Hayden?" "In the living room. He said he has a lot of work he needs to work on," Amir says. I look over to my friends and give them a I-have-a-plan look. "We're about to change that." We walk into the house dripping wet. "Hayyyyydennnn," Savannah says. He turns around a sees us and says, "Noooo guys," "You have about 10 seconds to get yourself in the pool or else," i say. We all run toward him and hug him and now he is wet. We push him outside and into the pool. We continue to have fun and laugh but this time, with Hayden too.
  10. Ok that's it. Thanks for reading! Please comment and rate! Thanks

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