GoTo Quiz Features Advanced Quiz Technology

Most quiz sites cater to the lowest common denominator. You've seen them. What they call "quizzes" are often little more than a form that gives you random results. Why would anyone bother taking such "quizzes"?

Our Experience Benefits You

The technology that powers our quizzes was developed by a man with a decade of experience in online quizzes. He is the same coder who designed the scoring behind such famous quizzes as the "Personality Disorder Test" and the "Rate My Life" quiz, taken by millions.

How it works: Our quiz creation wizard gives you unparalleled control over how each answer affects the final result. You enter the inputs and our system generates a unique scoring formula specifically for your quiz, designed to give strikingly accurate results. You don't have to know how to code or calculate the score. Our system handles everything.

Quality Quizzes Have a Big Payoff

People can tell the difference between a quiz that gives results that "make sense" versus a poorly-designed quiz with irrational results. If you put the right thought into your questions and answer options, all of your GoToQuiz quizzes will make sense and give good results. You'll never bother with those other sites again after you've tried us.

Try it out today. See what kind of quiz you can come up with, or try one of the many good ones that other people have created. We also have several professionally-made quizzes, including the political compass and one that answers "when will I die?" Don't hesistate to share your results on Facebook or your favorite forum or journal site. There is lot's to do at GoToQuiz, so have a look around!

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