Create A Facebook Quiz

At you can easily create a quiz for Facebook. Of course these quizzes are also great for blogs and forums, too. But since Facebook is the most popular site on the planet right now, it's a great place for sharing your own quizzes with your friends.

Our Facebook Integration

Unlike other Facebook-enabled sites, we don't require that you connect your FB account with us. In fact you do not need to register at all with GoToQuiz to create a quiz. You don't even need to give us your email address! We realize most people don't want to be bothered with that nonsense.

Just go through our step-by-step quiz creation wizard. At the end, when your quiz is published, you will see the option to "like" your quiz. Just by liking it and adding a comment, your quiz will be published on your Facebook wall for your friends to see.

When you or somebody else takes your quiz and gets the result, there will be a link to share that result on your/their wall. That way, your quiz can spread around Facebook to friends, and friends of friends, and so on. If your quiz has image results, the image will be posted along side the quiz result when someone shares their result on Facebook.

Tips For Making Your Facebook Quiz

You've come to the right place to make your facebook quiz. The first thing you need is to have good topic. Many people make self-referential quizzes, with titles like, "How Much Do You Know Me?" Your friends can give it their best try. However, quizzes based on a more general topic can spread virally and become very popular. For example, our How New Jersey Are You became extremely popular with people in (obviously) New Jersey. It was taken by over half a million people. Other quizzes are just fun to take, like What Be Your Nerd Type? Trivia is always a good option (example: 80's Cartoon Theme Songs), if you know enough about a given topic. And of course people sometimes just come up with really strange, creative ideas for quizzes. It's up to you.

Some General Advice

We offer three different types of quizzes, which you'll see here. For trivia-style quizzes, you should choose "The Test" option. Tests only have one right answer, with no partial credit for other answers. Tests also show the correct answers at the end.

GoToQuiz also offers the "Classic Quiz" option, which lets you give partial credit on some answers. You can put a few in there that are half-right. We give you a slider tool to adjust the rightness or wrongness of each answer, then our system creates a scoring formula. At the end, there are no "correct answers" to reveal to the quiz-taker, however.

If your quiz does not give a "score" result, but rather one of several possible results, you'll want to choose our "Multi-Result Quiz". Each result can optionally be assigned an image. And as you create questions, we will give you a slider tool to adjust how much each answer affects each possible outcome of the quiz.

For more tips on how to create a successful quiz and get it posted to our front page, go here.

When Finished, Share That Quiz!

Again, the easiest way to share your quiz on Facebook is to "Like" it after publishing it. We give other options for sharing as well, including HTML code, UBB Code, and a shortened URL for Twitter. If you are a member of any forums, those are a great place to post your quiz, as are blogs.

Later, after people begin to take your quiz, you can come back to GoToQuiz and check its stats. The stats will show you URLs where your quiz is being shared. They'll show you which registered GoToQuiz users have taken it. There will be a graph of how many people are taking your quiz each day. And you'll be updated as to whether it has made it into our Top 100 quizzes. Facebook quizzes tend to leap into our Top 100 because they are taken by many people.

So Get Started!

Create your facebook quiz right now. If you are stumped for a topic, consider creating one for your home state or your country. Those are often popular. Whatever topic you choose, just have fun with it!

If you'd rather poke around first, we have thousands of user-created quizzes to explore. Just browse through the site--you could spend hours here! You might want to start with our category index. We hope you find what you're looking for.

PS- Tell your friends about us! Oh and, ah.. how about liking us on Facebook while you're at it?