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  • *gasp*
    "Hopefully the good kind. :P lol"
  • Wtf?
    "And there are countless other ones i'm not writing."
  • Wtf?
    "Why do people waste their time making threads like, "I hate myself, I'm gonna leave forever!". Honestly, wtf! Its so useless and just gets p..."
  • "Woah, wierd thread, lol"
  • Night-chat!
    "Sup L3M and Heph. :P"
  • Night-chat!
    "Hi Cat! Hi Fleurs! how r u guys?"
  • Night-chat!
    "So... sup everyone?"
  • Good night!
    "Just making this for when ANYONE wants to say goodnight. Sadly I have to go now. And Ellis, age in the computer age has NO correlation to wh..."
  • "Sup. :P"
  • Do you like wafflez.
    "Sorry that post was before you posted. And I didnt know you were older than me! because you are only means your generation is not as easily ..."
  • Do you like wafflez.
    "Why? did you only ask that for my public embarrassment? :("
  • Chibi Vegeta
    "Hi hnhnhn. :P"
  • Chibi Vegeta
    "Lol, nice. :P"
  • Do you like wafflez.
    "...yes... :("
  • Do you like wafflez.
    "And before you see it Ellis, I AM SO SORRY. you asked. :("

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