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  • Hellooo
    "Hiiii, been a while since I've got on here, any of my friends still here?"
  • "Ah” he looked at his computer “it’s 12:07” he said before standing up, a little dizzy from spinning"
  • "Ben tilted his head,”what are you looking for?” He asked, his chair slowing to a stop as he fixed his hat"
  • "Ben grinned brightly, spinning in his chair like a hyper child. He was happy that he made someone else happy, as he felt that he annoyed eve..."
  • "Ben pulled out a game case and handed it to him,” here you go!” He said with a grin, tilting his head slightly"
  • "Oh! ⟟ should probably give you a game case πŸ˜…” he said as he started going through the drawers of his desk, mumbling to himself and glitching"
  • "Ben handed him ocarina of time and majoras mask “⟟ don’t have a link between worlds but ⟟ have the other two you wanted”"
  • "Bens smile turned into a happy grin, delighted that Blake liked his gift. “You’re welcome dude, let me know if there are any games you want”"
  • "Ben smiled and handed him a 3ds “here, ⟟ got you a gift, to keep yourself entertained”"
  • "Hmm, I’ve never really tried, so ⟟ don’t know, ⟟ should be able to though” he responded, tilting his head slightly"
  • Dream smp rp anyone?
  • "Of course, and, thanks” he responded “anything else you need?”"
  • R.I.P technoblade
  • R.I.P technoblade
  • "“I can travel through electronics, so I just went to where the sword was and grabbed it, then brought it back” he said, stretching"

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