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  • RP anybody??
    "it's hilarious" he replied with a smirk"
  • Blood & Bones
    "Kythaela climbed a tree and started running along the branches, headed towards the the town"
  • MCYT RP Anyone?
    "she giggled and nuzzled into the crook in his neck, wrapping her arms around his neck"
  • "ha, you don't like it either, i can tell" she said with a giggle"
  • RP anybody??
    "he snickered, not feeling bad for her"
  • What Light?
    "she kissed back, tilting her head to deepen it"
  • bored af
    "lol, hi cinna, wanna rp with meh?"
  • Last Summer
    "Kai burst into laughter as well, before sneaking up on Aiden, whacking him with a pick axe for no reason besides entertainment"
  • hey kris, come'ere
    "i would hope so" he said with a slight smirk"
  • MCYT RP Anyone?
    "athena smiled, her tail wagging slightly"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "just sneaks up on nikki and hugs her*"
  • -Contrasting Emotions-
    "new people! wanna rp?"
  • My anime crushes
    "steals soul and maka*mine*also steals baron and san* also mine"
  • "denki hawks cloud(advent children is such a good movie) dark mousy(dn angel, first anime crush) howl tanjiro"
  • bored af
    "the wolves and kitsunes are at war. c1 and c2 are taken from their families and put onto the battle field.when c1 went on a walk in the wood..."

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