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  • "Aight"
  • Anime Crushes
  • "Ye OwO"
  • Anime Crushes
    "CHONGYUN, GET YOUR @$$ BACK HERE WITH MY YURIO! *chases after them*"
  • "Why, why must I do this? because I love rp, that's why ;w;, you can pick the ship"
  • cMeRe WoLfIe >:))
    "My mom said that a lot, ive been singing since I was a little one" she responded, staring ahead of them"
  • w o l f i e > : )
    "Athena rolled onto her side, closing her eyes in content"
  • cMeRe WoLfIe >:))
    "She finished the song with a small giggle, "you have a good singing voice" she said"
  • w o l f i e > : )
    "(Assuming they are sitting on the couch) Athena smiled and waved a bit, laying down on both their laps"
  • cMeRe WoLfIe >:))
    "Her ears flicked as her tail started to wag, continuing to sing with her boyfriend"
  • w o l f i e > : )
    "Athena walked out of the bathroom wearing shorts and one of ranboo's shirts, stretching a bit before walking over to them"
  • cMeRe WoLfIe >:))
    "Athena starting singing quietly, her eyes closed (Airplanes UwU)"
  • w o l f i e > : )
    "Athena went up to ranboo's room and snagged one of his shirts, then went down to the bathroom to change, ears twitching"
  • cMeRe WoLfIe >:))
    "Yay" she muttered, another yawn escaping her mouth"
  • w o l f i e > : )
    "Athena laid a hand on olive's shoulder as she passed her, her voice quieting" ya know, you could have just told me that blood triggers you" ..."

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