Which Of these Four Pokemon Types Are You?

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Hi! This will probably be my last quiz of the day and guess what? It's another fandom quiz! *sarcastically* Wow, what a surprise XD This one is about pokemon. I hope you enjoy it!

So there are only 4 results in this quiz because I'm getting tired and lazy lol. The possible results are Ghost, Fairy, Dragon, and Steel. I didn't want to use types like fire, water, grass, etc. because they're so basic and everyone uses them. So I'm using these. Dragon and Ghost are my personal favorites. Now, on to the quiz!

Created by: Sushi_Roll
  1. Which is your favorite type out of these?(the options below are not included in the results by the way)
  2. What mood are you usually in?(if not any, then choose the one closest to your mood)
  3. What do your friends describe you as?
  4. Choose a letter.
  5. Favorite color? *hides behind my Snorlax*
  6. Night or Day?
  7. Would you rather use a Sword or Shield?
  8. A romantic relationship can't be without...
  9. What is your favorite Pokemon region?
  10. Ok, that's the end of my quiz! I hope you enjoyed it. Please rate and comment!

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Quiz topic: Which Of these Four Pokemon Types am I?