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  • "Hi guys ^^ how are all of you?"
  • Cinna's House
    "OH SH1T WRONG ACCOUNT Lemme switch"
  • Cinna's House
    "*Does weird dance along with Elly*"
  • My Alts
    "I use this one when I'm feeling depressed, but need people to hug me, talk to me, etc."
  • "Ooooh"
  • Cinnabon
    "At least I don't have to go to Youth socializing events for my church and SOCIALIZE *shudders*"
  • Cinnabon
    "s--- My dad has COVID And now my family, including me, is gonna be on lockdown for 2 weeks I CAN'T GO"
  • My Venting Thread
    "I feel like my purpose is to comfort and help the people I care about when they're hurting So what happens when I can't help th"
  • My Venting Thread
    "Oh, I got the word I wanted. I'm worthless"
  • Dux Academy
    "Plot: Cs 1 through 6 are teenagers that were born with supernatural powers. They are called supernaturals. In the world that they live in, U..."
  • Choosing Between
    "(it's ok) Cade nodded and followed Natalia out of the room, curious to see the rest of the building."
  • "WoAh I thought I was on my main account Lemme switch real quick"
  • "Omg hahahaha I did the same thing yesterday XD"
  • My Alts
    "Heeey the part has arrived peoples"
  • Cinnabon
    "Yeup this is my first one"

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