How Fat Should You Become?

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Many people find comfort in being fat. Some even actively gain weight to become fat. Find out how fat you should become! Do you want to be skinny, fat, or even huge!

The results of this quiz will be based on your eating habits, eating preferences, your likes, dislikes, and how you see yourself. The “correct” answer will be the one that indicates interest in fatness and the score you get will indicate how fat you should become.

Created by: Cal
  1. When eating, how much do you normally eat.
  2. If you were to instantly gain 300 lbs, would you...
  3. What kinds of food do you usually eat?
  4. Does the idea of becoming immobile sound appealing to you?
  5. Does the idea of being too big (or heavy) for most activities sound appealing to you?
  6. Does the idea of being fed by someone sound arousing?
  7. Do you eat more than one desert per day?
  8. Are fried foods a part of your regular diet?
  9. Would you get fat if your significant other wanted you too?
  10. Are you trying to gain weight?
  11. Follow Up: If the weight gain was irreversible, would you still gain?
  12. Does the idea of eating yourself to death have any appeal to you?

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Quiz topic: How Fat should I Become?

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