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Howdie! If you came here, it means you've definitely ever thought about what weight would be ideal for you. Maybe you want to be gracefully thin at the skinny level, or comfortably soft at the fat level.

Just take the quiz and get your result. It won't be difficult :)The main thing is to answer honestly, and also remember that any choice you make is ideal.

Created by: Malunnie
  1. Hello, my friend. I won't explain myself for a long time, so welcome :)First, answer, do you understand that the results will not exactly affect your real life and you should not take them to heart?
  2. Great. Then first, tell me, what body type do you have now? *No effect
  3. Yeah. Which one would you like to have? (For a more accurate result, it is better to be honest. Moreover, we will not punish you for telling the truth, but on the contrary, we will be glad)
  4. Cool. What type would you like to see in a love interest?
  5. Okay, the next few questions will be roleplaying. Imagine if you woke up one day, looked in the mirror and saw yourself as obese. What would be your reaction?
  6. You have been placed in a cell. After spending one second in it you will gain 1 pound. Your starting weight is 100 pounds. What will you do?
  7. If you were given exactly one day to stay in some form, and after a day you were returned to your real size, what would you prefer?
  8. Fine. Do you have any weight-related fetish?*No effect
  9. Let's get back to the impactful questions.Why do you even want to gain weight?
  10. Let’s imagine you gained weight in your life and at a table with a friend he asks you what’s wrong with your weight? What would you answer?
  11. What about comments about your gained weight
  12. Well. This was the first block, there is a new one ahead. I give you a spoiler: it will be easier ;) Are you ready to master weight gain in real life?
  13. And if society couldn’t judge you, would you gain weight?
  14. Let's move away from real life. If you found yourself in a virtual environment where you can change your weight in a couple of clicks as you wish, and most importantly, it will not be reflected in life, would you gain weight?
  15. Well. If you were obese, what would you be?*No effect
  16. Great. And here are just a few final questions.From what is offered, would you rather lose a lot or gain a lot? (There is no third)
  17. You've heard the saying: "More is better." Choose what weight you would like to be, but the higher the weight, the better your ability.
  18. Which belly of the ones offered would you be happy to have?
  19. And the last question. Still, which level do you most like and prefer?
  20. Great. Our quiz has come to an end. Did you like it?
  21. Did the quiz author ask interesting questions?
  22. What if the author did something wrong? If yes, then you can choose what weight it will be for it.
  23. Then we wish you a safe and wonderful day. Your results are ready :)

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