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  • God hates you all
    "why the f+++ would you say that to anyone??? that is just not okay"
  • "SLYTHERINE: a group of snotty white kids... so i fit in perfect!!!!!!!!!"
    "i went to six flags magic mountain on saturday and i did fright fest and i did the aftermath "maze" it had zombies and i was scared s+++++++..."
  • girls i need help
  • "HEY A++hole some of my best friends are gay, just because you dont understand them doesnt mean you have to be a D+++ and they dont have a ch..."
  • maroon 5
    "YEAH maroon 5 rocks i like she will be loved, misery, and wont go home without you"
  • hi evry1
    "i was JUST KIDDING (thats wat jk means) COME ON"
  • "maroon 5, the script, bruno mars, cee lo green, and justin bieber"
  • maroon 5
    "if you like maroon 5 say hi"
  • Ex-Boyfriend
    "if he stares at you or messes with you a lot because he wasnt sure if he liked you or ur enemy or he doesnt like you if you l"
  • girls i need help
    "we have a little bit of a history(not a romantic one) i always liked her even back when i met her in 6th grade but she left at the end of 6t..."
  • hi evry1
    "hello i think you should use correct grammar.jkjkjk;)"
  • ZOMBIES again
    "what the F!!! is wrong with you people zombies people ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • ZOMBIES again
    "zombies are real, simply merge rabies, a seritonin blocking virus and, leprosy into a single disease and you have savage murderous zombies"

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