would i go out with you

everyone acts all wierd about dating nd ive never even had a gfIM straight nd a boy) i just wanna see wat type of girls would like me, and who i like, if i seem cool dont be afraid to say hi

anyway enjoy the quiz and leave a comment if you get 100% youll see a paragraph about me, if you like me send me an email (i left it in the paragraph) along with the state i live in

Created by: robbie1

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. wats crackin i no that everyone does this bt wats ur fav color
  2. i saving the uber superficial ques till later so if we were together what would we talk about
  3. our parents hate each other wat happens
  4. now into tv shows pick 1
  5. music
  6. k now the superficial stuff (this will affect ur score less so dont lie)eye color
  7. hair color
  8. height
  9. do YOU think youre beutiful?
  10. do i seem cool?
  11. will u leave a comment nd a rating?

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